Single artwork

Deep Purple new single All The Time In The World coverEdel have released artwork for the single / s, which we’ve posted on the Album Update pages.


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8 Responses to “Single artwork”

  1. Mark Maddock Says:

    Continuing an unbroken series since 1984… SH!TE album covers. “Artists” they call themselves…

    • simon robinson Says:

      It’s strange, I was wondering the other day how we’d react if someone in the band had suggested sticking their heads on top of the Mount Rushmore sculpture for the Now What cover. It seemed very groovy in 1970 but might feel a bit tacky now! What?

  2. Drdp Says:

    Graphics almost like the script from Floyd’s The Wall. Uh, who produced that one? Hmm!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Maybe he offers an all-in package? Production, album art and 300 A3 posters for a fixed fee! Mind you, not a great fan of The Wall either although by all accounts Bob did rescue a bit of a dogs dinner there.

      • Drdp Says:

        Not a fan of The Wall? Really? Hey to each his own.
        I’ve been a fan of Boogaloo Bob (a very old nickname) since 1971 and that first Alice Cooper Album he did with them “Love It To Death”. The production of “Billion Dollar babies” is second to none. Obviously his CV is very distinguished and I can only hope his involvement w/ DP will be for their betterment.
        Now Simon, albeit with me being from the US… BUT having been an avid reader of UK rock journalism for over 30 years and having a passing understanding of British slang, just what does The “Rescue a bit of the dogs dinner there”
        mean? That’s a good one!

      • simon robinson Says:

        “A bit of a dog’s dinner”: something on a table which promises a lot but upon closer examination turns out to be fit only to feed to the dog. I think. It’s one of those phrases we use without really knowing the history of it and is now applied to all sorts of situations…

  3. Jack. Says:

    Hope this album to be a real killer! Otherwise, they should call it quits. Do or die boys!

  4. Mike Galway Says:

    I love the new logo – if I am reading it right it says “Deep Purple?” and the reply is “no, that’s not fuckin’ Deep Purple!”

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