Single preview goes live

The new single All The Time In The World was previewed on many radio stations on the 11th (including amazingly enough BBC Radio 2), and they made an audio video (?) available as well.

Thanks to Russ Berger. It is a laidback piece naturally enough, but the interesting thing is how well Ezrin has captured IG’s vocals, and balanced them in the sound. Indeed I kind of hope they do cover the Louis Armstrong track of the same title some time!


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19 Responses to “Single preview goes live”

  1. Reidy Says:

    Sorry but this is utter dross. As is Hell To Pay, Purple are all about Gillan cliches and half-baked nothingness. As time’s worn on in the reunion, it’s basically about what percentage of stuff on each album would have got anywhere near a Mk 2 album and sadly, in most cases, it’s close to zero. I’m very defensive about Purple and realise that it’s possible to appreciate them as they are now, without comparing them to the past, but the problem is that the vast majority of us wouldn’t be in to them now, if this is what they did between 68 and 76. They’ve got it wrong since 84, when they kicked off with the same set as 72/73, which gave people the impression there was nothing else and I often wonder if they’d have played Pictures of Home and No One Came etc. earlier in the reunion, would they have been more satisfied with each other and produced more innovative new material. I’ve not seen them now for 10 years and nothing I’ve heard in that time (apart from Rapture – the track not the album) makes me want to go again.

    • simon robinson Says:

      There’s a lot in this Damien. We do tend to give a band like this an awful lot of leeway thanks to their original legacy, as if collectively willing them on will in itself somehow up the standard. I kind of think that all the album’s lately have given me at least a couple of crackers, and that’s had to do. Except for Rapture which I really didn’t get at all. Funnily enough I was giving Battles Rages On a loud spin at the weekend and really enjoying it. Then realised that was twenty years ago!

  2. Alejandro Says:

    Yep, vocals are great, but drums suck. Same with other Ezrin productions like Kiss’s The Elder. Drums are terrible, low and do not rock. I wanted the band to rock like TBRO, with great rocky sound and an album cover that invites you to buy it. We get a soft song lifted from a IG solo album, and terrible artwork. Too bad.

  3. Mark maddock Says:


  4. Stefan Says:

    Can hardly wait to hear this on a proper CD through my hifi equipment at home and not earbuds on the computer. Actually I liked the song a lot, cool relaxed tune. And the recording is really good, as is being said, the voice of Gillan is just top notch! And another thing I like is the fact that he sings like he finally accepted his age and the wear on the voice and does something great with what it is now and not tries to sing like he was 25 again. If the rest is like this and as well captured by Bob Ezrin, this can perhaps be Gillan’s best vocal performance on a studio album of the entire reunion period? Speaking in terms of what he actually does with his voice as from what it is when he enters the studio.

  5. Roy Davies Says:

    I’d have to live with this for a few days more….definitiely a grower. Reminds me of Gillan’s Dreamcatcher collection in mood but far better in musical execution!

  6. barry Says:

    Only heard the single on my computer [through ear buds] but it sounds pretty good – Lee, man, the single was never going to be a 2013 version of Hard Lovin’ Man was it – I like the organ/guitar separation [which does remind me of the 70′]s and the lack of overdubs and overdubs – it sounds very live in that respect – pretty much 5 guys playing – I hope the rest of the album sounds as uncluttered – as far away from House of Blue Light as possible will do me fine!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yep, HOBL, the album most in need of a total remix in the entire DP catalogue! With Rainbow’s first in second place (if you see what I mean). Any more?

      • Alan Edwards Says:

        To me, HOBL is the best sounding of the lot!! Must be because it was ‘my’ Purple album, discovered them just after it was released.

      • Jacob Says:

        Rapture? It can only get better. I’m more into the HOBL “sound” than the awful early ’80’s sound on Perfect Strangers, but of course agree in HOBL needs it, maybe a job for Ezrin?

    • Lee Says:

      Barry, hey, I wasn’t expecting a 2013 version of Hard Lovin’ Man, more like a 2013 version of Wasted Sunsets or Mitzi Dupree. Either would have been better that this poor effort, even with mediocre Morse on board. Peace brother.

  7. Mic Says:

    What a pile of….gold. Love it guys.

  8. Christophe Colussa Says:

    who do they think they are ? hi hi hi

  9. Chip Tarbutton Says:

    I agree Paul. It is definitely geared to try and get radio airplay. But it isn’t like the almost embarrassingly desperate effort of Haunted… it should fit nicely into a diverse DP album more reminiscent of Purpendicular than Perfect Strangers. Which is fine with me as Purpendicular is my favorite reunion era DP effort.

  10. raj kohli Says:

    I am loving the production value, especially the way the Hammond dips in and out. And Simon is right, the 2013 version of IGs voice is captured perfectly. However, I am not a fan of Purple’s later ballads. I really hated Haunted, for example, although I do prefer the laid back jazz of this. Lyric wise not the most thought provoking but I will still buy the album! I can’t wait for more snippets…

  11. Lee Says:

    What a pile of …. Give it up now boys and let Airey and Paice do a jazz rock album, that would be something worth listening to. Gillan’s voice is long gone, such a shame, as he was untouchable for most of the ’70’s.

  12. Paul Hogan Says:

    Sounds promising. Production is first rate and yes, IG is singing very well. And Steve avoids the temptation to overdo the solo – it remains nicely understated with a tastefully executed key change, while Don’s organ is also nicely intertwined with the melody. And I’m happy to say the band is on fire at the moment live – perhaps down to some of the positive energy coming from the recording sessions? Can’t wait to hear some more!

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