degrees of separation

The deaths of Alvin Lee, guitarist with Ten Years After, and Peter Banks, founder member of Yes, have been announced. I remember enjoying TYA live in the early seventies not long after their big 1970 hit Love Like A Man, with the amazing extended live version on the flip. Alvin’s connection to the DP Family comes through a 1987 solo album Detroit Diesel, on which Jon Lord played Hammond (on two tracks – alongside other familiar names like Vicky Brown, Boz Burrell and George Harrison – it was even produced by Lou Austin).
By the time I got to see Yes they were into their ‘classic’ line-up era, but like many kids at school I recall the risqué sleeve to the first Flash album (1972), a band which Peter Banks formed after leaving Yes. It was only much later that I learned their albums were produced by Derek Lawrence and engineered by Martin Birch (just a few weeks before he zoomed off to do Machine Head).


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4 Responses to “degrees of separation”

  1. Roberto Says:

    We even lost the incredible underrated genius Kevin Ayers who is with Alvin Lee one of my favourite musicians ever… very sad weeks. And Time And A Word with Peter Banks is one of the top 3 Yes album ever, so underrated.

  2. Tony B Says:

    Sad news to hear of Alvin Lee’s passing. Over the last couple of years I began to really enjoy some TYA songs especially ‘I’d love to change the world’ and a storming live version of ‘Sweet Little Sixteen’ they did, turning up and playing along to these was fun.
    I belive Alvin did some work with Jon Lord describing Jon as ‘a true gentleman’, it was in a nice tribute to Alvin on the Classic Rock magazine website at the moment.

  3. Jon Kirkman Says:

    Nice connections concerning both Alvin Lee and Peter Banks. I always find that there is a link to everything even if it is a little tenuous and it is always fun trying to make those connections. Sadly both men were relatively young and I believe both died of a heart attack. It seems now that there is a whole generation of rock stars that are now dying off. Oddly I still remember these men and women as they were when I first discovered them, so in fact they do remain “Forever Young”… Bob Dylan was right.

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