Signed in black

RS Publishers tell me that they have ONE copy of the California Jam Photo Biography signed by all FIVE members of Mk 3, which will be auctioned later this year for charity. You can see a photo and read more on this story on the Cal Jam book page. We’re also told that the four signature edition is now very close to being sold out, so if anyone out there is still dithering, don’t wait much longer.


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5 Responses to “Signed in black”

  1. Konstantin Gorlov Says:

    Funny if Ritchie signs this book to fans right after the end of auction, it’ll be in keeping with his sense of humour.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I wouldn’t want to risk handing the book over – with his sense of ‘humour’ you never know what he might do with it. Way too risky!

  2. Twanky Says:

    My point entirely Simon

  3. Twanky Says:

    Unfortunately i’m not “well heeled” so couldn’t even try to bid for this. It’s going to go to someone with a hell of a lot of spare cash.
    I did buy the signature edition though. But this would be better to raffle off rather than auction. Tickets at £10 each say?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Actually that’s quite a nice idea; it does mean that people with limited funds could at least be in with a chance.

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