Classic Rock (and others) present

Classic Rock magazine are preparing a Deep Purple Buyers Guide to be published around the time of the new Deep Purple album, probably a cover mounted book (there was talk of the new studio album going this way but thankfully not).  The author of the guide reckons he had “forgotten what a fabulous record Fireball is…”  Maybe EMI (or whoever owns the rights by the summer) should make that a sticker for a reissue edition? !  (See how any attempt to use ?! automatically becomes a free plug for the new album? Clever!).

VH1 have scheduled the ‘new’ Deep Purple documentary (which we’ve mentioned a few times) for end of April in America at least (expect UK airing as well). I say ‘new’ as some people think it’s a previously screened programme with added material to give it extra relevance to the anniversary. It’s all immaterial here as we don’t have the channel anyway!


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One Response to “Classic Rock (and others) present”

  1. Keith Livingstone Says:

    Wonder if us poor backwoods guys and gals in Northern Ireland will get this issue. NEVER got the Deep Purple Re-Machined issue.

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