Does that top come off?

Several download sites have got clips of songs from the Now What album on, though you need to sign in to some to get a free listen!  I’ve vowed not to listen to any more low-fi previews and try to keep an open mind for the album, but the less-strong willed are reporting a better than expected set overall with only a couple of fillers, and citing Vincent Price as a stand-out track.  Let us know what you think via the New Album page. DTB do apologise over the lamentable situation regards the single. Despite getting in early with a decent order, we were told to get stuffed basically. And even then, of the miserable 25 copies of the CD single we were allocated, only ten arrived. Brilliant planning all round guys.

Glenn Hughes is starting to put things together on a new solo album following the irretrievable breakdown of Black Country Communion, and it will be in a rockier vein.

EMI are cashing in on the Whitesnake tour next month by rejigging the Box Of Snakes set into a Little Box Of Snakes er box. Read the details on the Coverdale page. Finally, we did mention that Coverdale reckoned he still had his California Jam stage t-shirt. He has now posted a photo to prove it! A real collectors piece, and an embroidered top he wore on many of the 1974 dates.

David Coverdale California Jam t-shirt


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12 Responses to “Does that top come off?”

  1. hardrockpete Says:

    If DPAS are not able to supply the CD single I ordered, rather than read it on this blog it would have been nice to get an e-mail, so I could have ordered it somewhere else!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Ann did email everyone Peter as soon as we found out the bad news, sorry if it didn’t get to you for any reason. Clearly all the stock went to Spain and to be given away by the PR company. Bah.

  2. Roberto Says:

    I made the same choice: never listen to the sample until the new record is out…and Vincent Price is a winner just for the title!

  3. paul Says:

    I hope BCC get to tour with a new guitarist. This band should be a touring band and not just do a few one offs. The albums and the DVD plus the first broadcast via Planet Rock showed this, but the band is bigger than one person.

  4. Keith Livingstone Says:

    What…..listen to snippets of the new album? That would be like peeling back a bit of wrapping paper to see what you got before Xmas…..not gonna happen….

    • simon robinson Says:

      Indeed! I’ve tried the single but want to hear the CD/LP on a proper hi-fi (well, what passes for proper round our way) at decent volume, as I have for every album since 1971 (but don’t tell me Dad, he didn’t know I used to sneak my albums onto his record deck).

      • Keith Livingstone Says:

        I bust a speaker on my Grammar school music room’s Linn hifi by playing You Fool No One from Live In London at full whack. It was at lunchtime and the teacher was out. I never owned up. Until now that is…

      • simon robinson Says:

        That day at our Grammar school when every board rubber in the building disappeared and lessons ground to a halt as a result? A good lunchtime’s work by me and my subversive mates.

  5. Mike Says:

    That is so cool- and not untypical of Yorkshire?

    • simon robinson Says:

      He would only wear it in the North East once the snow reached drift heights of 3 feet of course. It does look good though doesn’t it. Now the flashiest mens fashions are allowed to get is a bit of pattern on the edge of a shirt cuff…

  6. Frank Traum Says:

    I remember him wearing that shirt at the second Detroit, Michigan gig at Cobo Arena, March 4, 1974.

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