Most influential

Listeners to Planet Rock radio have been voting for who they thiunk is the most influential rock band of them all. Perhaps not surprising to see Led Zeppelin topped the poll, taking a fifth of all the votes, but it was good to see Deep Purple holding their own amidst some pretty good company at number five (have Queen really been so influential?). Even last night we caught a bit of James May’s TV show and heard Stormbringer being used to underscore a piece on lightning storms! Thanks to David Browne.

1.     Led Zeppelin. 2.     Queen. 3.     Black Sabbath. 4.     Pink Floyd. 5.     Deep Purple. 6.     Jimi Hendrix. 7.     The Rolling Stones. 8.     The Who. 9.     AC/DC. 10.  David Bowie


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16 Responses to “Most influential”

  1. David Says:

    Crazy. Queen & Bowie, no Beatles & Purple are not # 1… then Sabbath and maybe Zeppelin in # 10.

  2. colin Says:

    Any poll that excludes the Beatles form the influential groups has to be severely doubted. Influence, ability, variety, you name it they have to be there

    • simon robinson Says:

      To be fair I think it was rock groups rather than all groups, otherwise yes I’d agree 100%.

  3. Drdp Says:

    And yet not good enough for the Hall Of Fame… halfwits.

  4. Roberto Says:

    As always, rubbish list…

  5. Hilaire Says:

    Is my eye-sight so bad or did I read correctly… No Beatles in the the top 10?

  6. Ian Douglas Says:

    This is clearly ok to me re: Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love has to be the best ‘single’ ever, and the brilliance of the Rain Song and so many others. Hard to believe Queen at #2 though!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Not a massive Queen fan myself, but I do hear quite a lot of their influences in younger bands (for better or worse).

  7. Alan Hopwood Says:

    Could you really call Queen a rock band???

  8. timinox Says:

    People always seem to incorrectly equate popularity with influence – I don’t recall a single instance of hearing a later band and thinking ‘sounds like Queen’, or The Who for that matter…

  9. Gabriel Says:

    ¡Que estupidez!

  10. Chip Tarbutton Says:

    While I rarely listen to them, how can any list of influential bands NOT include The Beatles? I agree with you Simon, Queen is an interesting band, but not a lot of groups emulate their style….which is hard to do without a frontman like Freddie Mercury. And there aren’t a lot of Freddie Mercury’s running around…

  11. Keith Livingstone Says:

    The usual horsesh*te at the top.

    James May must be a Purple fan. Last week Highway Star was on Manlab.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yes, caught a bit of this. But wasn’t it Stormbringer they played? Or was that another episode?

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