Breeze blocks and other news


Updates on the new Deep Purple album, Glover’s comments, and press interviews on the site here.
Deep Purple’s Speed King is being used (in a curiously edited version) as backing music for a new TV commercial in Norway, here’s the link if you want to take a peek. The company is LECA (Leca Lock). I don’t know which is the more bizarre, hearing the track used in such an incongruous way, or seeing an advert for breeze blocks on prime-time TV! Thanks to Bjørn Sund (and others) for the heads up. Meanwhile the DPO official approved series no. 2 reissues Denmark 72 in April.
Lots of people wishing RB happy 68th the other day, in the meantime there is news of a new album from Blackmore’s Night, Dancer And The Moon, including a track dedicated to Jon and a Uriah Heep cover, on the site here.
The two Bernie Marsden 80s solo albums have been reissued for the first time in ages. There are details on the site in the review section listing all the guests. They lack the bonus tracks from the Purple Records releases but as those have been out of print for several years these will fill a gap.
The film Discoverdale has been shown at the  Bootleg Film Festival in Edinburgh last weekend and picked up Best Director and Audience Choice Awards. Really looking forward to seeing this!
Thanks also to Trace Keane for the magazine cover, David Browne, Peter Judd, Tim Summers.

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