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Deep Purple Scream Magazine 2013Roger Glover has completed the tale of recording the new album on his site, you can read the last of the three extracts here.
Points of interest include the use of a couple of session guys in places, which has to be a first for the band (unless the odd backing warble by crew members counts!) to do some acoustic and lap steel guitar parts, either as Steve was on tour at the time or perhaps in the case of the latter as it’s a fairly specialised piece of gear.
Roger reckons Bob made them work hard and they responded. At least one DTB reader (name withheld to protect his sources!) has heard a low-fi version of the final album and reports “a kind of pleasing amalgam of the Morse era elements in evidence – the free-thinking of Purpendicular, the heaviness of Abandon, the progressiveness of Rapture – are all represented, plus something else…”
As he rightly says, this is the sort of information which will mean things to fans, rather than banging on about Made in Japan and Perfect Strangers…
One journalist we know had his request for a promo turned down (which seems a bit over-cautious, it’ll be out anyway in less than a fortnight) and a booked interview pulled due to ‘lack of time’. It seems to be the two Ian’s doing the rounds this album, and they’ll be on BBC Radio Tue 2 on 23 Apr 2013 if you want to check it out.
If you’re too stingy or broke to get the single, the tracks are all now up on Spotify if you’re a subscriber (and don’t mind the musicians getting paid peanuts in royalties!).
It looks like the Rock & Roll Hall Of Infamy has passed on Deep Purple again, as Rush – who are being inducted this week – have complained. “The sound of bands like ourselves would not be the same without Ritchie Blackmore’s guitar playing and the writing that Deep Purple did as a band. So I feel pretty strongly that they should be in there.”
Lastly the Whitesnake-heavy trailer for Discoverdale is online at the pro’s video site of choice, gives you an idea of the storyline.
Thanks also to Peter Judd, Bjørn Sund, Stephen Clare, Matthew Burbridge.


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6 Responses to “News bits”

  1. IanG Says:

    The Hall Of Shame thing is a joke really, I was just reading that Robin Trower isn’t in there either. In my opinion he Trower/Dewar/Isidore line up was about as good a trio as you’ll get with, the exception of J Hendrix’s bands of course.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Really we should start our own perhaps more modest institution, majoring on UK acts? I agree about Trower, they were really amazing back in the 70s. And he’s still pretty good now, we’ve seen him a few times in recent years and always enjoy his work.

      • IanG Says:

        It wouldn’t be worth the hassle starting a UK one, ultimately it would just be another list. I’ve seen Trower a few times over the years and while there is nothing wrong with his playing I really miss Jimmy Dewar’s voice, he is one of the most underrated rock vocalists ever.

  2. Jacob Says:

    I partly agree that the album has parts of the other Morse-era albums, and it’s certainly a classic compared to the awful sounding worst Purple album ever (Rapture). Some great riffs, hooks, melodies and Gillan’s singing, and produced very well this time. But after 8-10 listenings I have to say that there is not a single guitar/ organ solo that you will remember an hour later. Lastly, Paicey sounds just as tired as on Rapture, he is playing like Phil Rudd, and that’s not the way we want it, is it? This is probably the last album, and all in all a decent “album” farewell. Could we please get that one-night only concert playing the songs we haven’t heard live yet? So many Morse era, HOBL, WDWTWA etc. songs I would like to hear!

  3. Rich Franz Says:

    Just received notification from Amazon USA that there will be a delay in shipping… until the middle of May. What’s up with that?

    • simon robinson Says:

      No using the “A” word round here please! Bullying gits. But not heard about the delay. All seems set fair in Europe, and Edel took delivery of the pressings some weeks back according to one of our insiders (though they couldn’t get me one!).

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