Busy bees.

Have they really put a sticker on Now What saying “Perfect Strangers meets Made in Japan”? They apparently have! There does seem to be quite a buzz about the new album despite this rather unlikely claim (which seems to have come from inside the organisation anyway). We’ve had our first review in, so opened a new page for people’s thoughts once they’ve heard it: Album Reviews.

The two Ians made it to Radio 4 on the 19th April, the station’s sadly dumbed down arts show Front Row, and surfced again on Simon Mayo‘s BBC show on the 24th. You can catch these on BBC iPlayer (which even works in our neck of the woods now thanks to a nice man from BT Openreach finding us a better phone route down to the exchange).

Deep Purple also appeared on German comedy show TV Total on 24th April  playing  the truncated single cut of “Hell To Pay”.  They played the same show back in 2005 (performing Clearly Quite Absurd). People should be able to use the site’s watch again facilities to see the performance, which was at the end of the show.  Thanks to Milan Fahrnholz.

The new issue of Classic Rock magazine big-ups the new album with a decent feature plus interviews (though uses a vintage 1980 Gillan cover pic for some reason), and a cover-mounted rock compilation with a sleeve ripping off 24 Carat Purple (DP’s contribution is just the new single).

DTB Online are still taking advance orders for the Limited Edition of the album (CD plus exclusive Making Of disc).


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2 Responses to “Busy bees.”

  1. Mike Says:

    Made in Japan my cock

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