Things Fall Together

Deep Purple Now What album

Deep Purple Now What album stock arrives…

Well here I go again (as someone once sang). 40 years ago I was sprawled on the carpet in our Victorian ‘best’ room with the gas fire on low, poring over the sleeve to Who Do We Think We Are having been through the new album and wondering if this was the end of the band. 20 years later, The Battle Rages On cut a similar vibe of a band at war with itself and ready to call it a day.
So, another twenty years on, is Now What really a last gasp offering from Deep Purple as so many on the web have speculated? Is it bunnies. And if it was their last album, it certainly gives us enough to feel they went out guns blazing. Let’s deal with that ridiculous marketing tosh on the cover first, ‘Perfect Strangers meets Made In Japan’? Nothing ‘meets’ Made In Japan. It sits there as a statement for all time; the best rock band on the planet.
Instead Now What is more Perfect Strangers meets Purpendicular, via H-Bomb, Tarkus and LA Woman really. I even got Talking Heads and Jethro Tull at a couple of points. And Roxy Music (but that was only because the girls from Country Life fell off the shelf at one point and almost hit me on the head when I pushed the volume up at one spot).
It’s a good strong offering from most angles, and one which I know I’ll want to listen to again. Good grief, even Hell To Pay fits right in to the album once you cop an earful of the Mandrake Root-esque Rondo which spills out between verses. The only cut I really had to skip on was Uncommon Man, where Don’s seeming infatuation with all thing ELP gets a little too uncomfortable, but overall this certainly doesn’t sound like a band about to call it a day. Indeed right now it sounds like the best since Abandon to me (an album I still feel got a raw deal).
Rapture was such a dreadful disappointment I was so nervous putting this on, but I don’t think I’m just on the rebound here in getting so much out of this. The vinyl even has shiny inner bags and everything, just like a real LP. And we’re not even having to mention the mix, because we don’t have to. Bob Ezrin has done what was required by and large, and brought out just about the best in it (give or take one or two places where the solos leap out a little too prominently).
What I suspect are fairly, um, suspect lyrics on Apres Vous (wisely buried in the mix!) even herald a full on guitar keyboard trade off clearly inspired by days of yore. Paicey keeps it all on track (some have bemoaned his lack of flash but to me he drives it well) while Glover really appears to be enjoying it. And Vincent Price certainly brought a smile to my face. What other band would throw this at us to end an album? That’s what still makes Deep Purple special at times, because you really cannot measure them up against any other outfit. They’re out there, they do what they do, and at times like this we love them for trying. Sure a few bridges are a little simplistic, and once again they steam into some stunning little instro passages then refuse to stretch them out, but enough survives to bring a some enjoyment into our triple dip recession ridden times, which is fine by me. If they can be bothered to risk all and build a set around this one then it stands a chance of being as good as the Abandon tour. Here’s hoping. Now Ian, about those “seven screaming virgins on a sacrificial altar”, what exactly is it we have to sign up for to be in with a shot?

DTB orders are starting to go out now; if you want to buy from people who care you can do so at the DTB Online Store


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90 Responses to “Things Fall Together”

  1. Nick San Says:

    One site has talked about a single of Well Dressed Guitar studio version / Rotterdam Ahoy version, issued in October 2005.
    Does this exist?

    • simon robinson Says:

      I’ve never seen it Nick, and not sure what sense this would have made as a regular single. Has anyone seen it as a promo?

  2. clive bindley Says:

    Simon, as a Journalist you should really should know how to spell “Pores” and “Altar”. Apart from that your review was too short and you skipped most of the songs…what about Weirdistan?
    I think that may be the best track on the album… but for me it’s all good and so far I’ve listened to it about 6 times.
    Bodyline gets a little too *funky* at times.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Sloppy indeed, have corrected. Afraid I do tend to rely on spell check more than I ought to sometimes. Tsk. But me, a journalist?

  3. Steve Allum Says:

    Simon, yet to get my own copy of the album (you know why). Is Now What going to have the same “special editions” like Rapture?
    Std CD, metal tin, tour edition and vinyl.
    So far we have sort of had 3 of the 4 (if you replace metal tin with the DVD version) so that leaves a tour edition! Purple are touring the UK in the autumn… I’ll wait a bit longer.
    How many pressing runs have the so called limited edition vinyl singles had? The Vincent Price single I just got from DTB has a 300/500 number on it, so that makes it the second run?
    Is this the same case with the previous one as well?

    • simon robinson Says:

      I’m not sure on the second single Steve. First single is numbered up to 1500 copies. My second single is numbered 300 – 500 (like yours), and clear vinyl. Now when we complained about not getting any stock, our distributors rang back to say they had managed to get us a handful direct from Germany, and these would be a bit different to the others. But they did not know how. So my guess is they did 001 – 299, then 300 – 500. But how they differed I don’t know. Oh, and I also got a bollocking off the label for complaining about lack of stock (some kind person forwarded the comments on this site straight on to them for some bizarre reason).

  4. barry mitchell Says:

    Has anybody else bought both singles?
    I just love both of the bonus tracks – can see why they weren’t on the album but its not because the songs are of a lower standard that’s for sure!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Well I bought both and we know others who did (your secret is safe with us).

      • barry mitchell Says:

        are there any more new cuts for next single?

      • simon robinson Says:

        Not sure Barry. Can’t see why they would do a third single really, these two were clearly planned up front to keep the title bubbling along but they haven’t really lit up the playlists.

  5. max Says:

    Moved to Album review page

    • simon robinson Says:

      Max, liked your review and have added it to the review page rather than here. Hope you’re not suffering too much from the flooding in Germany.

      • max Says:

        Sure, thank you Simon. Actually here in the Southwest of Germany it`s pretty hot right now…37 °…whereas like 14 days ago I wore gloves…

  6. John Perfect Says:

    What an absolute joy, I’m in heaven. I now remember why this band made me travel the country in my youth. Jon, God rest his soul will definitely be laughing in heaven. Great album, I really didn’t think you could do it again. Cant wait for Manchester, Birmingham and London.

  7. purpledaniel Says:

    To me, this is the most Pinkfloydean-esque DP record has ever made. Not music-wise, but I guess this one has the most cohesive character of any DP record. You NEED to listen the album from start to finish without skipping any track in order to really understand it. And that is something that has never happened in any other DP album, not even in the seventies…

  8. Dan Macaulay Says:

    Deep Purple, I have been a DP fan for more than 40 years.
    I just purchased the new CD, Now What. I love it! Mr. Gillan, your vocals are superb. Drumming, keyboards, great guitar riffs and outstanding keyboards. Classic DP! I first saw you in concert here in London Ontario Canada in 1971 here in London and again in 2012 in London. The concert in 2012 was awesome. It is so cool to see the band still rockin after all these years and sounding so good! Now What is the first album I have purchased in a long time. I have been playing it all weekend! I truly hope all DP fans buy your CD. Hell to Pay will be a great concert track. It is a crime you were not inducted into the rock hall of fame. Never mind the mindless fools that did not have the common sense to do so. They know nothing about great rock music. Donna Sumner inducted? Insanity!
    You have a huge legion of fans like me still listening. I only hope you come my way again to play another concert here. Dan Macaulay/London Ontario Canada.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Donna Summer got it over DP? I’m amazed. I still have my 12″ extended remix of I Need Love but it’s hardly Rock and Roll…

  9. Henry Gee Says:

    Even though I disagree with you as regards your taste (I didn’t like Abandon but loved Rapture; and I think Uncommon Man is the best track on the album) it seems to me that Now What?! is the best the band have done since the relief of Mafeking. If it is to be their last studio record, they’ll be going out with a smile.

    • simon robinson Says:

      You’ll be telling me next you prefer Roger Moore to Sean Connery, and Agnetha to Frida! But at least we’re all singing from the same hymn sheet regarding the overall status of the album.

  10. Andrew Melnyk Says:

    Very happy with the new album, and I’ve now listened to it a lot. It’s at least very good, with occasional flashes of brilliance, e.g., the long introduction to Uncommon Man and the Morse/Airey interplay on Apres Vous. Love the mix of rockers with more restrained work. Don’t much care for the “angelic choirs” sound of some of the vocals; not expressive or energetic enough. Also a pity Hell To Pay wasn’t given a meaty riff to start it off.

    Very surprised to read in the CD booklet that Bob Ezrin is given song-writing credit on all the songs.

  11. Peter Gibbins Says:

    Really have to curb my enthusiasm, for fear of overplaying this fine album. Comparing Morse era with Blackmore is akin to comparing Mk2 with Mk3 – too different! Certainly their finest work since Purpendicular, which is odd when you consider most fans feared they were finished prior to the release of both of these albums.
    It seems Purple aren’t comfortable, being “comfortable”, maybe they need the constant threat of rejection to produce epic statements, really hope this isn’t their last.
    Ian Gillan must never record again without Bob Ezrin, he managed to take 20 years off the old Bugger, and had him singing “within” himself.

  12. Larry Mattera Says:

    Here in the U.S. the album was released two days ago. The music is excellent — the band’s best work since Purpendicular. This iteration of DP has now clearly fully coalesced as a band. The progressive edge adds to the music’s depth. My only disappointment is with Ian Paice’s contribution. What happened to the electricity and dynamism that once were his hallmarks, and that contributed so much to the band’s sound?

    • barry mitchell Says:

      Since they started to play bigger stadiums Paicey has simplified his sound and carried it on through the last three albums – after two or three listens to Now What I had to go back and listen to CTTB and Malice to get my Paicey fix!

      • barry mitchell Says:

        Larry, go out and buy the Vincent price single – the end flourish by Paicey on the bonus track will be worth the price!

  13. Roy H Says:

    For me, Now What?! is the best DP offering since Purpendicular, and for me Purpendicular was the best DP offering since Perfect Strangers, and for me Perfect Strangers was the best DP offering since Who Do We Think We Are (a very underrated album). In other words, I rate Perfect Strangers and Purpendicular up there with some of the 70s records, and Now What?! falls into that same category. It’s up “there”, and to be honest I didn’t expect them to come up with such a GREAT album at their age. What are they? Twenty again? Deep Purple, GREAT job!

  14. Mike Burnett Says:

    Gosh. I love Now What. I haven’t enjoyed a Purple album so much since Purpendicular made all the hairs on my neck stand up. I cannot stop playing the bugger and, every time I do, I notice something new, different or downright odd that makes me smile. The band sound like they are having fun and, most importantly, I’m having fun listening to it all. Can’t say fairer than that! Makes me bloomin’ proud to be a fan of this wonderful band…

    • simon robinson Says:

      I’ve been clocking the bass work lately, really well produced and played – I think of it all, Rog is perhaps must closely in spirit to the old days on this one.

  15. Ian McAdam Says:

    After the disappointment of the last two albums I have to admit I bought this album with a sense of foreboding and, if I am honest, out of a sense of loyalty having been a fan for over forty years. It is simply superb, so much better than I was expecting, and a fitting dedication to the great man. I can’t stop playing it.

  16. John Parsons Says:

    Having had quite a few listens now, I can add to my original statement. I think it’s easier to say what I don’t like, as there are so many highlights. I could happily do without Hell To Pay – in fact the Lord-esque section merely shows the rest of the track up – but I’d not dispense with anything else… even the bonus track works. Going through it track by track would take too long, but I love all the throwbacks, I love the sound, I love the commitment and sincerity of it all. Different faves on different days – Above & Beyond has moved me greatly, Blood from a Stone has wonderful atmosphere. I think the purest pleasure comes from the moment in Aprez Vous, where the proggy opening arrives at the deep riff, a great moment.
    Great credit to Bob Ezrin – he’s slowed Morse down (much less squeaking) and brought Airey through – who absolutely nails everything, a great concept of sound, the instrumentation is always spot on from him – and I think it’s probably as good or better than anything they’ve done since 1984. I think Jon Lord would have loved it, and I think the band have done him, us and themselves proud – it’s a fitting tribute to one of our heroes

  17. John Hassett Says:

    Listened to the album several times. To be honest apart from a few songs such as Above and Beyond, and Vincent Price I have struggled to like it. I find Steve’s playing quite repetitive. His fixation with a flurry of notes and digital effects are dull. The fact that we are not getting Ritchie’s recycled riffs are great but just lack that extra magic and no I don’t want Ritchie back.
    Don although a good keyboard player is just not the man for me. I find his “moog” solos a bit uninspiring. The solos between him and Steve are not memorable and want you to go back and listen again and again. I find sounds that would not be out of place on a Yes, Floyd or Doors album which is not what Purple are about. I loved Perpendicular and really liked Abandon but the best tracks from the next three albums would make one good one.
    Just my thoughts after waiting eight years for an album. Really hoped and wanted to like it.

  18. Robbo Says:

    Why is my post taking so long to moderate ? Something I said ?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Can’t see any earlier posts from you Stuart, so maybe something went wrong.

      • Robbo Says:

        I can see it on my desktop. May 1 4.22pm. It was quite a long one.

      • simon robinson Says:

        If you want to try reposting I’ll keep an eye out Stuart! It is just possible it got deleted by accident, sometimes the comment edit window does move when I’m in the middle of working on it, so that might have caused the glitch.

  19. Alan Taylor Says:

    Agree with you on Abandon – great album – but not on Uncommon Man. I get the ELP references but the whole introduction works so well. Lived with the album for a week Now?! and there’s not a bad track on it; Above & Beyond, Blood From A Stone, Apres Vous stand out for me. Haven’t seen anybody reference that Blood, despite the Doors piano, is basically built on You Keep On Moving – be nice if they stuck a verse of that in live (never happen!).
    Still bugs me after all this time that Zeppelin still hog the headlines and covers despite none of them doing anything close to as good as this since Presence (perhaps excepting Percy’s album with Alison Krauss).

    • simon robinson Says:

      It would be interesting to hear what LZ might come up with if they ever did do any new studio material. I think DP have it in them given the current buzz to up their profile but they need to keep the momentum up. Actually I really liked Plant’s Mighty Rearranger album an awful lot, play it more than Zepp to be honest.

  20. Dave H Says:

    Absolutely love the album. Given the gap between albums these days there is a distinct possibility that this may just be the last studio release from the band, if so then it will stand as a fitting end. I look forward to hearing some of the tracks performed during the tour later this year, Above And Beyond and Uncommon Man are absolute musts.

  21. 30331r Says:

    Hello 1st time caller, regular viewer. Can I just say whats with all the nit picking/negativity here. We lost one of our own last year, just be grateful we follow a proper band and not a karaoke version as some do. On first listening the new album sound like In Rock/Fireball era, thumping bass at the root, and Vincent Price-priceless sense of humour, think Anyones Daughter.
    PS 1st concert was The Electric Gardens in Glasgow 1970…

  22. Rich Franz Says:

    With every listen, I’m liking Now What?! more and more…

    If I had a complaint, it would be that I can’t get the Bodyline “groove” out of my head…

  23. pete collins Says:

    This album is the best this line up has done, can`t fault it really. The snatches of prog influence are right up my street. Its far more adventurous and exciting. Hope they feature it live, like in the old days (70`s), then give us some of the older material. Rapture is great, but the sound is just bloody awful, I could have done better in my home studio. Thanks guys, its a winner for me.

  24. Grannypants Says:

    Holy crap…
    Its been years since a DP album (yes I still consider them albums) has given me goosebumps. My god I have waited for this moment, thinking it just wouldn’t happen again at this point in life.
    BAM! Tingle, tingle, tingly tingle,,,,
    This album could well be one of Purple’s all time great albums, the playing and production is beyond superb. Is every track a monster? Well no, and there are so very few albums that ever live up to that reputation but on a scale of 1-10, this one ranks an 8 at least for me. My favourite track? Well, its hard to pick yet but Blood From A Stone is absolutely wonderful.
    I don’t like the reference to MIJ because it stands in a class of its own and is live. Definitely the band’s best since Perpendicular in my opinion. Possibly and quite probably the best since Perfect Strangers. The band is ON here, and I mean bang ON, they are back on top of their recording game.
    Thank you Deep Purple, I am humbled once again by your sheer magnificence.

  25. Garry Mccormack Says:

    Have to say i’m loving the album, Above and Beyond is awesome

  26. Steve Allum Says:

    I knew this was going to happen! A week ago I cancelled my order for Now What. I told Ann I couldn’t justify paying good money for music I would only listen to once and then stuff it on the shelf to gather dust.
    After listening to the single I thought it was going to be another Rapture or Bananas. OK… humble pie time. My mate bought me over his copy to listen to.
    I’ve kept it for 2 days now and played it 4/5 times. I like it… a lot.
    Simple Song is just excellent. The whole album just works.
    I’ll be in touch when I can convince the missus to re-order my order (if you get what I mean!!). I hope Black Sabbath’s “13” will be as good.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Nice of your mate to let you have such an extended loan! I know what you mean though. My copies of Rapture are certainly very dusty now. But can’t see this one going that way.

      • Steve Allum Says:

        It was a fair swap… He’s had my Uriah Heep Live CD for bloody weeks!

  27. barry mitchell Says:

    Listened through the new CD three times now and its really good – hope they do another soon, whilst they’re in the groove. Couple of tracks you’re shouting for Paicey to let loose and a couple of endings are crying out for some JL imput but apart from that ace. Hate the edit of Hell To Pay now I’ve heard the full track – couldn’t they give us a nice instrumental workout as second track on single? Gotta play Out Of Hand and Uncommon Man!

  28. Michael Says:

    “Nothing meets Made In Japan”… well stated Simon. I haven’t loved a DP album since Purpendicular but have high hopes for this one. BTW, Battle Rages On was a great track on an okay album in my opinion.

  29. Adrian Jarvis Says:

    Why do I like Deep Purple? Because they are just so bloody entertaining! The new album illustrates this perfectly; there is so much to enjoy – the daft lyrics, the Mandrake Root bit of ‘Hell to Pay’, the funky riff of ‘Body Line’, the ELP homage that is ‘Uncommon Man’ (I mean, come on, that title says it all), the utterly bonkers ‘Vincent Price’ and the old-rockers-letting-rip bonus track ‘It’ll Be Me’. And that is to give a highly selective list. The whole album sounds like a present to fans. All I can say is, ‘Thanks guys! The pleasure is all ours!’

  30. Vincent Brightling Says:

    Howdy Simon. Long time since I’ve been in touch. I’m one of those in the pro-Rapture contingent. An album I’ve come back to again and again, although curiously I much prefer to listen to it on headphones. Haven’t listened to Bananas once since Rapture came out. I agree with you about Abandon. To me it was two or three tracks too long – otherwise a damn fine album. Listened to Now What straight through twice today. Once on headphones. Sounds fantatstic to me. I totally agree with you about Uncommon Man. Sorry folks. I can’t wait to give the whole thing another spin. For me this has been more than worth the wait. All the best!

  31. John Parsons Says:

    I can die happy, first listen suggests something rather better than… well, in a very long time.

  32. barry mitchell Says:

    On the question of Rapture and Abandon I think you guys are missing the point – all comes down to the problem with Come Taste, a lack of Jon Lord – and in the case of Rapture the most ‘horrible’ sound since, well I was gonna say House of Blue Light, but I think it’s even worse. Abandon to me is great for the first half then becomes one dimensional and repetitive – if only they’d been as brave as on Purpendicular. Looking forward to the new album which according to big Ian is a great sounding one – not great but great sounding – at this point I’ll settle for that and hope they go back to the [half an album ] of stuff left over in the writing room from this one. See you all in Manchester!

  33. Michiel Says:

    EXCELLENT album! But, Simon, did you spot the two seconds of Pet Shop Boys’ music, somewhere?

    • simon robinson Says:

      You’ve got me there Michiel! I do quite like the PSB hits (and West End Girls is a gem), but not familiar with them beyond that – give us a clue.

  34. Witold Says:

    Rapture is the only one studio album I kicked out of my cd collection. I think this is the worst DP album ever. As I am a massive vinyl fan, I keep it on this format. High hopes for the NOW WHAT?!…

  35. Allen Says:

    Now What?! is bloody amazing.

    I hope that the new Black Sabbath album is as good.

  36. Chris Lee Says:

    Has there been as much anticipation of a Purps album since Purpendicular? I’m on tenterhooks, mostly praying that Ezrin’s done what virtually no-one’s done before – have the production do credit to the songs. Rapture would’ve been a load better had it not sounded as if they’d set up in someone’s front room with 20 watt amps. And say what you like about Battle (I still love 90% of it), it had a HUGE sound!

  37. Terry mc Says:

    Got it, listened to it, love it …. Why no gig in Newcastle?

  38. Michael Says:

    On Uncommon Man Steve Morse pulls out that kind of guitar playing that makes thousands of people still come to a Purple show, with their jaws hanging open..!

  39. Harry Heathman III Says:

    Uncommon Man is one of the best tracks on the album, come on Simon!

    • simon robinson Says:

      OK, I’ll go give it another try then Harry. But if I go to the shops this week in twelve articulated trucks with my name on the roof rather than the Honda, I’ll know who to blame!

  40. Uwe Hornung Says:

    Lovely album, excellent production (Ezrin never disappoints), but am I the only one to notice that Track 7 did not only draw blood from a stone, but also the bass run from a – back then controversial, today a proud member in the pantheon of great DP works – seventies album good ole Rog never played on? Answers on a postcard, but he owes Glenn a beer.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Going to have to go back and see if I can see what you mean Uwe!

      • Nigel Young Says:

        You Keep On Moving’s B Fsharp-A-B is in a different key and Blood From A Stone is mainly D C-D. Hardly the stuff of owing beer or lawsuits.

  41. Mic Says:

    I LOVED Rapture. If this new album tops it, I’ll be amazed.
    Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be comparing.
    Looking forward to April 30th. .

  42. Kevin Staden Says:

    Got high hopes. Really like the two single tracks and all reviews so far are positive.
    Not a fan of Rapture at all, and have to disagree with you about Abandon, I struggle with it. However, even not hearing it yet, agree entirely with you on the MIJ comment, best Live album ever.

  43. Michael Says:

    And yes.. Uncommon Man is fabulous. Nothing else, sorry editor..

  44. Michael Says:

    It’s a stunning comeback from Purple, I was in tears while listening second time!

  45. David Says:

    Simon, you are wise man. Anything sung by Ian Gillan is very good. Cheers.

  46. glubert Says:

    Great! Now DP have the chance to refresh their live sets massively. By the way, Vincent Price could be an Alice Cooper song.

  47. George Martin Says:

    Everyone has their own opinion. I thought Rapture was much better than Abandon. In fact Abandon is the one Purple album I hardly ever listen to.

  48. Rune Olsen Says:

    It is indeed true… if you put Made in Japan, Perfect Strangers and Now What on your shelf in alphabetical order then Now What fits in where MIJ meets PS!
    Otherwise let us not compare this with the pre-Morse stuff and be happy with this as it is. This is all I could hope for, and much better than Hell To Pay suggested it would be. Now let the world tour begin!

  49. David Browne Says:

    I’m looking forward to this arriving in the post so much that I feel slightly ill. The anticipation is making me feel like I’m 17 again. The postman had better come up with the goods tomorrow or I’m setting my Yorkie on him.

  50. John Blackburn Says:

    Sorry Simon but I’ve got to pull you up on a particular point there. It was announced yesterday that it wasn’t a triple dip recession because the statistics had advised that we had grown by (wait for it)… 0.2%. Yippee! Get the holiday to the Bahamas booked.
    Oh and I’m looking forward to hearing the album. I liked much of Rapture though…

    • simon robinson Says:

      I stand corrected, my copy of The Financial Times didn’t turn up yesterday (I’ve sent my man out to sack the paperboy and buy the chain of newsagents).

  51. Mads Rud Larsen Says:

    Uncommon Man is AWESOME!!! That’s just a track you cannot hate!

    • simon robinson Says:

      I’ll give it another go then Mads, it was just that old ELP parping which put me off! I mean I like early ELP a lot but Keith did get a bit bombastic in later years.

  52. Raj Kohli Says:

    Thanks for making the wait even more unbearable by posting this picture…..!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Sorry Raj… console yourself by thinking of our cracked and bleeding fingers after todays mammoth packing up session!

  53. Mike Says:

    poor Simon x

  54. Keith Livingstone Says:

    Looking forward to a listen. Classic Rock gave it an 8. Have to wait another few days though.

  55. Mike Barnett Says:

    I’ve got mine on preorder from A*az*n, and can hardly wait to get it and check it out. I agree with you on both Abandon and Rapture, by the way. Funny thing is, Rapture would have been a decent album by a different band. I just don’t think it was up to snuff, DP-wise.

    • simon robinson Says:

      There are a lot of interesting ideas on Rapture, just somehow these weren’t singled out and developed enough for me. But others really like it, so…

      • Neil Cutler Says:

        Stand out tracks taken from all the Morse era Purple albums would just about make up a double album. Rapture had three very good tracks which I’ve listened to many times- Rapture, Clearly Quite Absurd and Before Time Began. Wonderful Airey end to Clearly Quite Absurd that could have gone on for ever!
        Looking forward to Now What, as with all new Purple offerings, but better we don’t even mention Made in Japan in there, that would be asking too much…

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