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* New, 7th May

On 2nd May Ian Paice was interviewed on  “MetalXS”,  L’Enorme TV, France.  He talked about NOW What?! (of course), his past, present and future with Deep Purple, his life, Ritchie, Steve…

You can see it here :
– English version :
–  French version :

Thanks to Patrice Monin

Another wedge of promotional activity for people wanting to report quickly. have posted an interview they did with Roger Glover here: Our thanks to site editior Yiannis Dolas (who says don’t worry, it’s not in Greek!).

Steve Morse does a detailed track by track look at the album at Music Radar, which you can read here:!2

The Daily Express tackled the Deep Purple story (and got quite a few facts muddled up) this week in print. Not sure how this affects UK house prices but we’ll see.

The Simon Mayo Radio 2 chat  – – was broadcast earlier than advertised (the 23rd) and the two Ians also featured on Mark Radcliffe‘s Radio 6 prog last Friday – . “More interesting than Front Row and longer too, with not a mention of Smoke! MR was very enthusiastic and reckoned the album was more prog rock than recent offerings,” says James Bateman.

More German TV promotion too, which you can check out from the 24th here.

And in other news: The NME are running a poll for best live album ever online. Currently they rate MIJ at no.13 (quite something from NME…!). If you want to have fun voting, follow this link (the public vote still has it at number 2). Personally, I feel MIJ is above voting, and should be ring-fenced at number one in such polls automatically, you just vote for the rest!
Oh and there’s a Tommy Bolin spread from a recent edition of a Brazilian guitar magazine up on the site with one of Simon’s old 76 shots.
Thanks to Dave Browne. Stephen Clare, Tim Summers


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4 Responses to “More promo…”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Thanks Simon

  2. Christophe C. Says:

    THANK for french version. Very pleased to see and heard to Ian Paice about all that.

  3. IanG Says:

    There’s a feature in the new issue of ‘Uncut’, also with errors…

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