Bonus tracks.

20130500BreakOutBigIt seems as if there is a bonus track from the album sessions which is only available if you purchase the album from one particular German CD supplier, and then only as a download (by entering a code off the CD). Perhaps appropriately this track is called First Sign Of Madness…!
Some have asked about the Japanese CD bonus tracks, but for once you don’t need to worry. They’ve just added the two live tracks off the CD single (which were on the special edition of the last album anyway) and the radio edit. It doesn’t come out there until May 22. 2013.
Ian Gillan is still insisting they are in London in July for a concert according to the Mark Radcliffe show, still no idea what this is about.

Thanks to Richard Taylor, Martin Ashberry.

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17 Responses to “Bonus tracks.”

  1. Roger Spurdle Says:

    The marketing of the new material seems somewhat misguided to me. Why put a 20 minute interview (just put it on the DP website!) and clips from Montreux 2005 (we’ve already got the DVD!) on the CD & DVD package? Why is the bonus track only available as a download when the rest is on CD & DVD? Why are we fussing about singles, airplay and the sheer folly of making a video? It all seems bonkers to me and wholly inappropriate for a first rate, long established rock band that doesn’t need this nonsense. It does not give the fans a fair deal. Leave it to Lady Ga Ga !

    • simon robinson Says:

      Don’t mind marketing so much, just that it has been so half-arsed, woefully distributed and clearly not done by anyone with any knowledge of what fans might want. Plus ça change, as a cunning linguist might put it.

  2. SF01 Says:

    There you go:

    320 kbps with cover image from that filthy german website.

  3. Nigel Bond Says:

    OK, thanks. If it is in October, I imagine it would be easier, from the band’s point of view, for it to be before the UK tour starts, but I hope it’s the 19th!

  4. Nigel Bond Says:

    Any idea when in October the Concert for Jon is? Going up to see them on the 16th and 17th at the Roundhouse. If the Concert for Jon is on the 19th (assuming I can afford, and get, a ticket!), I’d delay booking a hotel for now.

  5. Wishmaster Says:
    As far as the track goes… well, two and half minutes would have been better than four and half methinks! My copy of the album arrived today. You wait 8 years for a new album and it arrives the day you have a headache!!

  6. Drdp Says:

    So how do we get the FIRST SIGN OF MADNESS (Very appro-po) other than from the German site download? If that’s the only way then how do we do that without understanding the language on the site? Will the download be playable only in their player or will it open in iTunes? Inquiring minds…

    • simon robinson Says:

      Some kind person posted a link below, which enables you to at least listen to it OK on your computer. No idea how you go about ordering it though.

  7. Stormburn72 Says:

    • simon robinson Says:

      Thanks! I can see why it didn’t make the final selection, but of a hotch potch of old and new. Would have been ideal as a proper b-side.

  8. John Ashby Says:

    Perhaps it’s the Concert for Jon that the Sunflower Jam people are organising.

  9. Harry Heathman III Says:

    Sounds like I wasted my money, I ordered the Japanese version from Japan. Oh well, been 8 years since Rapture and I bought 8 different versions of it. I hope that First Sign Of Madness is better than It’ll Be Me.

  10. Palle Hichmann Says:

    I think they’ve put Wrong Man on one of the limited editions in Japan. A live version. My guess is that this version plus First Sign of Madness will show up on a Tour Edition 2CD or something similar.

  11. David McGlone (@dodoa64) Says:

    I think the July gig is at Royal Opera House. They are putting on a ‘Montreaux Jazz Festival – In London’. I heard Gillan say about playing one night with Quincy Jones etc and the next night with Purple.

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