Montreux WC2!

montreux-jazz-festivalUpdated again… Chris Carver reminds us that DP are playing Montreux on July 19th and the Harrods Jazz Cafe are screening highlights from that event in-store as well, while Charles Ashmore comments (below) that the ROH diary has a blank week from July 22nd. DP are in Italy until the 24th then have a few days free.

Updated… In answer to my question about this mysterious July London show which IG has mentioned a few times now (both before and after the October UK tour was announced), David McGlone dropped me a line: “I think the July gig is at Royal Opera House. They are putting on a ‘Montreux Jazz Festival – In London’. I heard Gillan talk about playing one night with Quincy Jones etc. and the next night with Purple.”
I’m now told that the ‘Montreux comes to London’ concept was actually announced last October, but despite that the Royal Opera House site still has no confirmed acts listed, only a concept poster. However you can sign up for news, by going to the page on their site. Given There is also a tie-in with Harrods for acoustic events and lunch! Our thanks to Jamie Woodward for the information.


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2 Responses to “Montreux WC2!”

  1. Mohan Thampi Says:

    Actually last July 2012, there was an article at the web site about the opening of a Montreux Jazz Café in Harrods during the 2012 London Olympics’ The link is below:

    The Montreux Jazz Café includes: a café, a shop, and a relaxation area called the “Funky Claude Lounge”. On the menu are “Funky Claude Pancakes” and “Smoke on the Water Salad”. Clearly Claude Nobs had never forgotten his ties with DP which made Montreux and him famous internationally after the iconic “Machine Head” was recorded over 40 years ago in 1971. And two years later, another iconic album “Burn” is recorded -a bit ironic the title considering the Casino fire two years back which gave us SOTW- and then it was the California Jam stage which got “Burned” in 1974.

    After “Machine Head” it seems that virtually every big name in music had no hesitation to make the pilgrimage to the Montreux Jazz Festival to perform along with a number also writing and recording albums in Montreux – maybe hoping for some DP magic to inspire! One band is Queen who recorded most of their albums in Montreux. According to posted interviews, Claude has said in interviews that he was invariably greeted as “Here comes Funky Claude”.

    A posted website message from Eagle Records on the passing of their colleague in January 2013 made me aware of his continuing involvement with DP and their later releases of the last decade or more. Also, DP/Rainbow DVDs are released through Eagle Vision, the video branch. One wonders if the “Eagle” part of the name was inspired by DP’s “Pictures of Home” with its lyrics about eagles and snow.

  2. Charles Ashmore Says:

    looks like this is w/c 22/07 which is blacked out on their calendar – every other day in July has another event on the main stage.

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