Here’s our new single

All The Time In The World has turned up in the band’s set-list, the rest is as normal. We’ve added the list to the tour dates page if you want to look. Thanks to Mike Richards.

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13 Responses to “Here’s our new single”

  1. Johannes Lampert Says:

    I was there. Set was as follows:
    Fireball – Into the Fire – Hard Loving Man – Maybe I’m a Leo – Strange Kind of Woman – Contact Lost – All the Time in the World – Well Dressed Guitar – Lazy – No One Came – Don’s Solo – Perfect Strangers – Space Truckin’ – Smoke on the Water – – – Hush – Black Night.
    I think they’ll gonna bring in more new material as the World-Tour starts officially in Morocco in a couple of weeks.

  2. Peter Stickler Says:

    Only new song in Ischgl was “All The Time In The World” — embedded between “Contact Lost” and “Well Dressed Guitar”. “The Mule” was left out, otherwise business as usual. Great gig in the mountains that got the marmots out of hibernation and led some mountain goats mistake Steve Morse’s solos for mating calls.

  3. Mic Says:

    I’m guessing there will be a lot more new material once the proper tour begins at the end of May.

  4. Chip Tarbutton Says:

    Some of the new tracks would make great live tracks…I pray they play 4-5 track from WN, Hell To Pay, Out of Hand, Vincent Price and a Simple Song could all work well live.

  5. Charles Malkin Says:

    I suspect they’re waiting for the Now What tour proper (June start?) to overhaul the set list. I’ll be sorely disappointed if we don’t get at least four songs from the wonderful new album.

  6. John Blackburn Says:

    A Morse era gig would be the only thing these days to get me to see this lineup – they’ve done some very good music together since Morse joined, but barely play any of it.

    • simon robinson Says:

      They’ve actually played quite a lot of it, but not for very long. If you tot up the track titles (I have, and will try and get it on the site!), it looks quite impressive. Just that the tracks are phased out so quickly that a lot of people never got to hear them.

  7. Chip Tarbutton Says:

    Seriously? One song in the live set? Lets hope this is a temporary situation.

  8. Dick Pimple Says:

    Wow! One song from the new album. What a treat!

  9. Keith Livingstone Says:

    Someone had Hell To Pay as being on the Ischgl set list on FB yesterday.

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