Dancer And The Moon

Blackmores Night groupDetails, cover art and tracks for the new Blackmores Night album are out. There are more details on our Blackmore page, and details of pre-ordering for those who are interested. Track listing is on the DTB Online store.


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9 Responses to “Dancer And The Moon”

  1. clive bindley Says:

    I bought all BN albums up to Secret Voyage. I wasn’t sure whether to buy it as I was disappointed in Village Lanterne. I found SV was a better album but the formula is the same as the previous albums. A drinking song, one or two cover versions, usually a Rainbow cover and on this one an awful cover of Elvis’ Can’t Help Falling In Love, and an instrumental or two. There are as usual some very good moments.
    This has been the formula since 1997 and it’s getting very stale..
    I haven’t heard the last album and I can’t say I’m that interested in hearing it.
    I daresay the new one is the same.
    Time for a change Ritchie and Candice.

  2. Ian Douglas Says:

    I too was sceptical and had unfairly dismissed all this as ‘Pixie’ music without having heard any of it – but I found it an enjoyable stomp and it quite made my Saturday! So drag on the sheepskins and have a mead with your wench! Watching the DVD it is clear Ritchie is happy with and interested in what he is doing – the technical musicality thereof – this is reflected in the great playing and Candice can sing sweetly and powerfully also. Tribute to Jon is very special. Speaking of repetition – in fairness – why does DP not revise its set list to include Morse material instead of just rehashing Machine Head! They used to be a forward-looking band – when Burn was released it was most of the live set; likewise CTTB and so on. I lost interest in Reunion line-ups long ago!

  3. Witold Says:

    I am Ritchie fan for last couple of decades. I accept Ritchie’s “medieval” turn in his career. My favourite album of BN is Village Lanterne. However, I listened to the latest album and I am afraid this formula has been exploited to the limits. There are couple of great tracks including Carry On Jon, but Lady in Black is very cheesy in my opinion. I am not sure if I am going to be thrilled again by Maestro.

  4. Anthony Says:

    Very nice cover, but I am sure we will be getting more or less the same kind of music. At least there is a remake of Temple Of The King which I had wanted them to do and a tribute to Jon. I will buy it because I love Ritchie, unfortunately I am not going to see them this year.

  5. John Blackburn Says:

    Dam Sir, you have the tag name wrong there!

  6. josuha Says:

    Looking forward to the new cd with a tribute song for Jon Lord…

  7. Paul Hogan Says:

    I’m glad Ritchie’s happy doing what he’s doing, and whilst I still think he’s a genius guitarist, he’s been making the same album for close to 20 years now and I’ve just lost interest to be honest. I’d love to see him do something truly risky and adventurous but unfortunately I just can’t see that happening now.

    • Rami Says:

      I’m sure the album will be very similar to the previous ones, but with Blackmore at it, there always will be some special moments on it. By the way Paul Hogan, which of your other favourite artists are doing something truly risky and adventurous? My point is it seems long time DP fans always demand Blackmore to give his utmost, something exceptional, whilst a routine performance is enough from the rest. I first noticed this reading reviews in the 1980s and 1990s.

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