Top of the Pops

“Now What?!” has been charting all over Europe, with the album sending Deep Purple straight to no.1 in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. After entering the Norwegian album charts at no.4 the album has climbed to no.1 in its second week of release.

Elsewhere “Now What?!” entered the UK album charts at no.19 on 5th May, breaking into the top twenty for the first time since “House Of Blue Light” back in 1987. It dropped to no.69 on 12th May.

UL album charts, 6 May 2013 

The album was also straight in at no.1 in the UK rock album charts.


Other first week European chart placings include no.2 in Switzerland, no.3 in Russia, no.5 in Poland, no.7 in Sweden, no.7 in Hungary, no.8 in Finland, no.12 in Holland, no.12 in Italy, no.13 in Scotland,  no.18 in Denmark,  no.19 in France and no.19 in Spain.

Elsewhere, the regular edition of “Now What?!” entered the Billboard US charts at no.115, after having sold only 4,000 copies in its frst week.  That situation may improve when the limited edition is released. (As of 19 May  the limited edition was at no.49 in the Am*z^ top 100 chart)

with thanks to Hans Peter Jenssen


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30 Responses to “Top of the Pops”

  1. Grannypants Says:

    Simon, I cannot believe how much I am enjoying this album. Its shocking how good it is, and I was pretty jaded after the last few. My fav definitely since PS. Wow is all I can say (and thats after at least 20 full listens)! The louder the better with this one.

    Rock On!

  2. T Says:

    The poor showing of the new album in America is likely at least partly due to its unavailability. The release date was pushed back, and then I received my copy a week late–but fortunately, I already had a download of it. My brother’s copy did not arrived until TWO weeks late.

    My guess is that the album is doing so well in Europe that stocks may be backlogged in “weaker” sales countries like the US. I can’t imagine selling only 4,000 copies here.

    Then again, bands like Deep Purple are politically incorrect in this country of hip-hop and rap, which always get first billing, and magazines like the Rolling Stone never have been much in the way of DP supporters.

    • David Says:

      I think the fact that the album was in Am”z* top 50 music sales after the release of the ltd edition says something – something which sadly hasn’t been reflected in the Billboard charts..

  3. Christophe C. Says:

    Tomorrow wake up with Vincent Price video. It’s good to be afraid. Where is Lord Sutch and Blackers ? Not far.

  4. Christophe C. Says:

    I can’t stop listen to it. Yes. It’s good to be king.

  5. Remo Says:

    I have been a Purple fan since hearing the In Rock album back in 1970. Have seen them many times in various line ups, my favorite being the MK2. I think all things considered it a great album and a nod to the early days, I especially like the prog and heavy keyboard sound and a great tribute to John Lord. A very happy old rocker!

  6. paulberrow Says:

    Left it in the car, only listened to first four. Boys taking dog for walk, spot opportunity to bring in and play very loud on surround sound. YAHOO!!!

  7. Colonel Says:

    Now What is released (officially?!) in Australia may 24.

  8. Emanuel Kilismanis Says:

    I found an imported copy in JB High Fi downtown Sydney, have listened to it twice allready DEEP PURPLE FOREVER

  9. Twinkling Ray Says:

    Nice one, but disappointed there seems to be no official release in Australia where they have pretty reasonable support. I’ve found two copies of standard version in a couple of indie stores, but that’s it! I asked at one store and was told there had been a lot of interest but we’re stuck waiting for imports. Oh well, suppose they think I have all the time in the world to wait. But if it doesn’t arrive soon there’ll be…

    • Twinkling Ray Says:

      Thanks to subsequent posters for info re Australian release. I found a US Ltd version in Red Eye a couple of weeks ago and it’s been on pretty much hard repeat since. It’s really very good. Not sure about the various formats available. My US copy has two disks (I read somewhere that US was a double sided disk) and the sleeve is printed (no cut out, which I thought I detected in on-line photos). Now Red Eye have an Australian release in stock that adds a bonus live version of Highway Star. Japanese version has more bonuses, but I decided against the cost and postage delay. Maybe if you buy every possible release combination you’ll end up with the full live performance?!

      • simon robinson Says:

        It sounds like the US discs copies the European double. The Europe disc comes in a slipcase which is cut out to show the colour through. The bonus live tracks on various editions are all off the Hard Rock set, and have been out before. Red Eye is a Sydney based record store (if like me you were wondering!).

  10. Florida Al Says:

    How’s the album doing in the USA?

    • Drdp Says:

      #118 Florida Al…. BUT any true fan bought the Import w/ the extras & DVD released the week before so does that count toward the 4000 copies said to be sold? Either way it shows just how screwed up our musical tastes have become

  11. Rick E Says:

    Album released April 30, in Canada

  12. Palle Hichmann Says:

    “It feels so good to be a fan….Deep Purple are back again….”

  13. Hilaire Says:

    Hi, on 4th of May – Belgian charts, n° 33… Shouldn’t have bought my copy on then.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Indeed not! Firms like this which avoid paying their taxes are one reason we’re all in it right now.

      • Hilaire Says:

        Didn’t know that ! I was actually refering to the Belgian market. But ok, good to know.

  14. Charles Malkin Says:

    Even though it’s the case that fewer people are buying records, Purple’s relative increase in popularity is worthy of celebration!

  15. Grannypants Says:

    Great news, this one certainly deserves praise.

  16. David Says:

    Hi, personally, I’m very biased…but, how’s the new album doing in Canada?

  17. Paul Hogan Says:


  18. JMcE Says:

    NOW can we PLEASE have MORE than ONE new song in October – especially as I/we took a leap of faith and bought tickets anyway?!

  19. Jack Says:

    Glad to get the news. Deep Purple back on the charts! Hope this album keeps doing so well. Purple rocks!

  20. Mike Says:

    Having said that (I saw) some bloke pick up a copy of the Cal Jam video at the first convention and said HE HAD NEVER SEEN IT! My point being it takes all sorts.

  21. Mike Says:

    Is this a reflection on how few people are buying (records) these days or are people actually buying it in numbers?

    • Twinkling Ray Says:

      I think it’s partly the former, Mike. Sales volume to chart have come down quite a lot so a band like DP who have good traditional fan base (buy physical rather than spotify etc) benefits a little. Having said that, the charts are still a fair comparison of album sales right now, so still a great achievement.

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