Later… with Ian Gillan

jools hollandGillan and Paice are to be the studio interview guests on Later… with Jools Holland next week.  It’s taken 42 series of the only music show left on the BBC for them to get round to mentioning Deep Purple!  Fingers crossed it might open the doors for the band to play it live at a future date.  Anyhow, the show goes out live on May 14th (Tuesday) BBC2 and is repeated in a slightly longer version the Friday after, and also available to view on the BBC iPlayer. Thanks to Sam Bowman and David Browne for alerting us.


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7 Responses to “Later… with Ian Gillan”

  1. jean-paul marquis (@MesziguesJean) Says:

    Only thank you to Simon and my friend Stephen……. Deep is one of the biggest rock group………

  2. Ian Douglas Says:

    You fool no one! Nothing more need be said re what surely must rate as one of the best Live Deep Purple tracks ever!

  3. n mills Says:

    Yeah, probably got the same five seconds of Black Night this time as well. Yawn.
    I got the impression that Jools did not know much about DP and that the two Ians were bemused by the whole affair. Still there was further talk of a DP performance.
    Perhaps the extended (sic) version on Friday 20130617 will be worthwhile.
    There is a favourable and informed review of Now What!? in the latest Classic Rock.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Classic Rock rate a Deep Purple album? I must go and read a copy. Sadly the publishers have sold out Classic Rock and other titles recently, so I’m not sure how this will affect the magazines.

  4. Dave Stoddard Says:

    Yeah would be nice for them to open their slot with “Ted”, follwed by “Sometimes I Feel Like” then…….

  5. Roy Davies Says:

    Trouble is the BBC is run by elitists who insist on inflicting music they think we ought to hear and damn well should like, rather than what’s really popular! Hence Glastonbury gets 32 hours of TV across one weekend and over 100 hours on the red button.!!

  6. Paul Hine Says:

    I recall that Kula Shaker frontman Crispian Mills was on around the time they a hit with their version of ‘Hush’ and during his interview with Jools Holland he mentioned that he was a Blackmore fan and we then got a whole 5 seconds of Deep Purple doing ‘Black Night’ on Top Of The Pops!

    The only other mention of Deep Purple by Jools that I can recall was when Ian Paice did a stint in Paul McCartney’s band. I think they might even have played on the show.

    Anyway, would be nice to see Deep Purple playing on the show but being talked to, and thereby acknowledged as existing, is a start.

    Glenn Hughes never got on the show with either his solo material or BCC and I would have thought he would have been a more likely candidate than Deep Purple.

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