Pole dancing nuns.

In answer to a few emails, the bonus Now What track It’ll Be Me is a track IG has covered before, back in 1994 on the Javelins CD. Interesting to do a then and now comparison. Less interesting to realise we did that project twenty years ago now…

For those wanting a look at the Deep Purple Vincent Price video, it’s on the Classic Rock magazine website. Pole-dancing lingerie clad nun (all done in the best possible taste) and more.

It’s pure MTV hokum of course, but they’ve had a bit of fun putting it together, filming in the Berlin Dungeon with a David Thewlis lookalike as Price (and even a vaguely Madeline Smith lookalike for the nun).  Interesting to see someone has (rather badly) replicated Ian Paice’s 1969 bass drum head.  The audio seems tweaked a bit for play-back on PCs and the like compared to the CD too.

On the Rainbow scene, Jeff Cramer has done a pretty no-holds barred interview with the elusive former keyboard player David Stone which you can read at Jeff’s website. One or two suggestions need taking with a pinch of salt; and having double checked with others we find it hard to work out how he could possibly have played on Rainbow’s On-Stage album despite the claims!

Whitesnake? “Thunder great. Journey predictable. Whitesnake awesome, great mix of old and newer tracks and Mr C was in fine voice (Japanese tour voice worries seem to have been overcome). A few surprises but he asked us not to give away the set list. So I won’t!” Keith Livingstone.

And if the recession is getting to you as well, then according to Steve Allum there’s a copy of the first DPAS newsletter up for auction online right now with a ‘buy it now price’ of just $399.  Blimey.

Thanks to Michael Saloharis, Jamie Woodward, John McEvoy.

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10 Responses to “Pole dancing nuns.”

  1. Drdp Says:

    Simon: I felt the same way about the sound of the VP Video. very dry & sparse. Also…WHO is the “Man Behind The Mask” in the video. Rumor has it that it might be Alice himself. Any knowledge? What sez you?

  2. Rich Franz Says:

    Gotta love pole dancing nuns.

  3. Roy Davies Says:

    DPAS issue 1 for $399??!!! How much for a full set of ‘Stargazer’s from the 70s? Mint condition of course…….

  4. Lee Worrall Says:

    Good stuff, the video that is.

  5. Mark Nolde Says:

    Read the interview with Stone and saw his picture.
    Oh My Gooooooooooooooooood! I’m completely shocked.

  6. Jerry Says:

    The David Stone interview leaves a lot to be desired. A degree of embellishment me thinks! And a lot of factual errors there. Austria part of the USSR? Austrian language? Oh dear! I think On Stage was mixed before David was auditioned. Maybe he was on Made In Japan as well? Still, the Vincent Price video is fun and the new Purple album is their best for twenty years. I never thought they would ever again make an album that I would want to listen to from start to finish (ignoring the bonus track) so much, but I can’t stop playing it.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Can’t be long before one of our Universities starts offering a first class Degree In Embellishment…

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