Wait For The Ricochet

In Rock book cover, Wait For The Ricochet.

43 today! A forthcoming book which tells the story of one of rock’s greatest albums. Wherever you first came to be aware of Deep Purple, or indeed whenever, Deep Purple In Rock is the reason you were there (whether you knew it or not!). Everything came together for the group during the second half of 1969 and Wait For The Ricochet gives a narrative overview of events. From the auditioning of Gillan and Glover, the early productive rehearsals, the juggling of recording sessions and constant touring, and the amazing success which followed the release. It goes beyond that to look at the recording of the tracks, the inspiration behind them, and their legacy. Many of the key personnel have contributed, DTB have raided their archives for illustrative material, fans have provided rare ephemera and numerous photographers have licensed some great images. You may have seen some of the material before, you may have read bits of the story in the past, but this book brings it all together in context for the first time. The story runs up to the tail-end of 1970 amidst riots in Germany (and Scotland!) with the group topping the album charts abroad and achieving the sixth best selling album of the year in Britain. From Jon Lord’s mum defending her lad in the Melody Maker, to Roger Glover’s hints for dying crushed velvet trousers green. From the location of the gig where Gillan was auditioned, to the band out shopping for strobe lights. From the In Rock engineer’s matter of fact description of Ritchie recording the guitar solo for Child In Time,  to Ian Gillan explaining the need for tight trousers to sing the vocals, it’s all here.

NME Deep Purple In Rock

front page of the NME 1970

The book will be available through high-street book stores and indie record shops later in the year, but pre-ordering means it will arrive hot off the press many weeks early. And everyone who pre-orders before the book goes to press will have their name printed in the book’s credits to say thank-you for supporting the project. Pre-orders are best done through DTB Online store (the publishers have arranged an extra discount for DTB people).
You can read more on the site at the book section and see a couple of trial spreads. The book is illustrated throughout in full colour. Even for the b/w images!
ISBN : 978-0-9561439-6-9. The title is published by Easy On The Eye, whose first book last year got lots of acclaim across Europe for the high quality of the layout and content.


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11 Responses to “Wait For The Ricochet”

  1. Carl Miller Says:

    Any news on this, the projected release dates keep passing by. Santa will have an empty sack.

  2. Mike Burnett Says:

    That’s me all pre-ordered up. Can’t wait!!

  3. Dave Stoddard Says:

    Would like to have seen one on Montrose 1st album, Van Halen 1, Robin Trower’s Bridge of Sighs, Rainbow Rising, Burn, MIJ, ah the list is endless !!

  4. Tony B Says:

    I like the front cover of the New Musical Express – price 9d, ‘Mungo Jerrys’ fantastic no 1′ etc and I haven’t mentioned the stars of the page!
    6 or so years later it would be different as DP wouldn’t be cover stars, just sneered at in the small print by the ‘hip’ writers of the time. But never mind that I’m focused on the page above – happy days!

    • simon robinson Says:

      I must confess I got seriously diverted with these old issues of the NME while I was going through my collection for the book. In the end I read an issue a day during my lunch break, fascinating. Even the flipping small ads.

  5. Harry Heathman III Says:

    Can’t wait for its arrival. Pre-ordered my copy. Thank you Simon and Ann.

  6. Mike Says:


  7. Mark Nolde Says:

    Wanna wanna wanna wanna!
    I can’t understand why IN ROCK never was a subject for that Classic Album TV series.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I think the TV people went with the one which most people know, but it is a shame they didn’t delve a little more deeply. Surprised they haven’t made a lot more episodes really, it was a good format.

    • clive bindley Says:

      I was surprised (and disappointed) at the omission of Lazy and any mention of it on the Machine Classic Album DVD. And I agree, In Rock should have been covered too.

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