Purple on black

Three vinyl reissues which may have escaped people’s notice. Flagged up here as DTB Online Store has been able to get more stock of them all at last. Purpendicular came out again in 2011. Slaves & Masters was reissued last year, while Battle Rages On, one of the rarest of the band’s albums in vinyl, came out a couple of months back. These are all European pressings on heavy-weight vinyl. Check to store out or give us a call for more details.



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6 Responses to “Purple on black”

  1. Dan Ellis Says:

    Later this year Perpendicular is also released as a numbered Purple vinyl version which is exclusive to What Records.

  2. Alexander Says:

    I was trying once to get a copyright from Sony and press a limited run vinyl release at my own funds but was failed to get any proper reply after a long bureaucratic discussions…

    • simon robinson Says:

      It can be a long drawn out process Alex. The company doing these managed to get some sort of overall deal to exploit the archives, and by guaranteeing to release lots of titles (not just DP), not just one or two.

    • Alexander Says:

      You are quite right Simon. The fans and collectors are not taking into account by major labels.

  3. Janne Says:

    Abandon then seems to be the only studio record that has not been released on vinyl. I heard some rumor that this would be coming sometime. True or false?

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