Two more shows

from 1971, added to our gig list thanks to a site detailing the history of the Newcastle Mayfair (1961 – 1999). It’s amazing to think of Deep Purple playing in ornate dance venues like this, especially for 90p a ticket!  If any of you went to the venue do check the link as there is a book coming out, and if you saw Deep Purple there in 1970 or 1971 please get in touch with us…


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4 Responses to “Two more shows”

  1. roy bartley Says:

    I was at the gig in the Mayfair June 25th 1971, wow! What a night, loud! My ears where still ringing the next day.

  2. Chris Hayward Says:

    I was.. but I saw them at the Lyceum Ballroom in the Strand in London that was circa 1970. I will never forget the elderly couple behind me in evening dress I think they were in for a shock!

    • simon robinson Says:

      What a sight that must have been. They played the Lyceum a couple of times in late 69 and 1970, it was one of the venues in London for a time (I saw a couple of shows there at the end of the 70s by other bands).

  3. Christophe Colussa Says:

    Sorry I was not… born…

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