Sunflower DVD details.

16163The Sunflower Jam DVD release has been launched this week. The main angle is on the 2012 event, but the DVD also include a second discs with highlights of the 2011 show as well, including Jon Lord’s final appearance. The title is issued in September, and is available as both NTSC and PAL editions. Anyway, for the many of us who couldn’t afford to go, looks like one to enjoy. Acts include Bruce Dickinson, Alice Cooper, Steve Balsamo, Uli Jon Roth, Ian Paice and on the 2011 footage Jon Lord (doing Bourée and also duetting with…), Rick Wakeman, Gary Brooker, Joe Bonamassa and
Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple with guest Bill Bailey!  Thanks to Peter S. and Cat Sims for the info. For earlier postings on the Sunflower Jam, just enter Sunflower into the search engine on this page and you can read more.

This post has been updated to remove an earlier cover design and add more details.



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10 Responses to “Sunflower DVD details.”

  1. Steve Allum Says:

    My wife bought tickets to the 2011 Jam. My thoughts at the time were that the general public were treated like second class citizens and with utter contempt, while the rich people downstairs enjoyed themselves.
    The show ran late with no consideration for those who had to travel by public transport to get to their hotels / homes. I remember a bloody long walk and a hellish trip on a night bus.
    The only good memory was seeing Jon playing along with Rick and the Deep Purple set. I will get the DVD for Jon’s set. We will never go to a Sunflower Jam ever again.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I know we had a lot of emails along similar lines to yours at the time Steve, reporting a fairly ‘relaxed’ attitude to the whole evening at the expense of the ordinary fans. We’ve never been stirred enough to go at those sort of prices, but be nice to see the DVD.

  2. Danielz Says:

    The term ‘Rock’ is definitely NOT what I remember it to be! Looking at the listing here, the mixture is quite incredible – Alfie Boe, Sandi Thom – just what is going on?

  3. Neil Davies Says:

    Do my eyes deceive me – does that really state Alfie Boe!! When did he become a Giant of Rock? He’s got a good voice, but this sure as hell ain’t Les Mis…!

  4. Volodymyr Drybushchak Says:

    Great news!

  5. Jamie Woodward Says:

    Looking forward to seeing this Simon. Odd that Danny Bowes and others are listed as Giants of Rock on the sleeve but not Roger Glover or Steve Morse……

    • simon robinson Says:

      I agree; I was surprised not to see the name Deep Purple on there fairly large, but they might think Brian May has more pulling power. Ladies?

      • ANTHONY BAYLIS Says:

        Guys in their 50s don’t rate Queen. We know Queen were a pop group who flirted with rock rather than an out and out rock band like Purple, Sabbath, Heep, Zep etc. Queen do appeal a lot more to women, and they come out with hilarious statements like Queen are the greatest rock band of all time!

      • simon robinson Says:

        There may be something in this. I remember Ann and her friends from college all off to see Queen but I really couldn’t be bothered!

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