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I’m not often speechless, but today I am.

romper suit small


14 Responses to “Add to cart…”

  1. Jerry Says:

    To JMcE’s point: I am also speechless about the grammar! Any child wearing that is going to grow up with proper English as a second language!

  2. Andrew Butler Says:

    our baby…
    and the smoke riff now goes “dum dum dum, dum dummy dum…

    best keep taking the tablets….

  3. Christophe Colussa Says:

    Cos I know, yes I know
    I’ve been mistreated
    Since my baby left me
    I’ve been losing my mind

    Daddy Chris & Baby Hugo with a little less testosterone than David

  4. Roy Davies Says:

    Don’t Make Me Nappy………
    The Rattle Rages On…..
    (Baby) Tooth Hurts…..

    ok I’ve finished

  5. Mohan Thampi Says:

    Why not? The guitarist and bassist have been very busy making babies recently. Creativity is rampant with their latest generative interpretations of “Child in Time”.

    On another interesting side note or another discussion topic, has it struck anyone U2’s massive hit “Mysterious Ways” is heavily derived from tracks in DP’s “House of Blue Light”? I am no U2 fan but heard the song twice one day on radio and realized the drumming is based on “The Unwritten Law” plus the riffing especially also from “Mad Dog” and “Strangeways”. Very “Strangeways” or “Mysterious Ways”!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Round here the accepted wisdom is that U2 ‘borrowed’ a lot from local outfit The Comsat Angels, who they toured the UK with early on… but not pondered the Purple connection before. Does this mean I have to have a listen next time it’s on?

      • Mohan Thampi Says:

        I can envision the Purple Daddies listening indulgently to their little tyke’s wails and screams and nostalgically recalling past DP concerts where it reminds them of a particular scream or wail let lose by Ian, David, or Glenn.

  6. Timothy Says:

    As a new father I’m in the process of creating a baby grow with Child in Time graphics on – I’m happy to make them available to the DTB online store! 60/40 royalties – what d’ya reckon?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Well it could hardly be any worse. And congrats from me and Ann on Roberta’s arrival!

  7. Keith Livingstone Says:

    Smoke on the gripe Water?

  8. Jamie Woodward Says:

    Is that Little Ted the Mechanic?

    I’ll get my coat……..

  9. JMcE Says:

    ‘Speechless’ … about the grammar/syntax?!

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