Rainbow Rockpalast due

Rainbow Black MasqueradeRainbow’s 1995 show from Rockpalast is finally accorded an official release after years of bootlegging. Full details and track list on our Blackmore page. Titled Black Masquerade, it’s due on CD and DVD.


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23 Responses to “Rainbow Rockpalast due”

  1. Ian Douglas Says:

    The final line-up of Rainbow revealed another great duo in Ritchie and Doogie White who is absolutely underrated. I thought Stranger In Us All a great album and way more memorable than DP Reunion era albums of the same period. One detraction for Rainbow were the relatively invisible /unremarkable bass /drum /keyboard spots.

  2. gary Says:

    Class performance from Ritchie, the band play great too. Its a shame we don’t have bands like Rainbow anymore.

  3. frodster Says:

    Wasn’t DP’s 2nd night in ’93 at the Brixton Academy probably the best ever show of ‘the reunion’? When RB decided ‘he could be bothered’. Do any soundboards exist?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Certainly one of the most on edge I saw. Never heard of a soundboard sadly. People who journeyed on to Scandinavia reckon those shows excelled even Brixton…

  4. Gregory J Cummings Says:

    Absolutely Superb!

  5. JOHN Says:

    Just checked the listing and Man on the Silver Mountain is appearing as track 9 on CD1.

  6. Jim Collins Says:

    Saw them here in Kansas City on this tour, stood about five feet from TMIB. Loudest concert I’ve ever been to, I think they used a stadium PA for a small club. Couldn’t hear for almost a week, probably partly responsible for for the 40% hearing loss in my left ear. Still, Ritchie was on fire that night!

  7. David Says:

    Did somebody mention Dio in Rainbow? How about ‘Live In Munich’ in 1977?

  8. Henning Says:

    On Finyl Vinyl there is two songs with Dio, recorded at the Omni in Atlanta in 1978. This songs were professionally recorded. Do you know if the entire concert was recorded? And if so, do you think there is a chance this will ever be released in its entirety? This was the Stone/Daisley version of Rainbow, the same as on the Rockpalast concert in ’77.

    • simon robinson Says:

      It was taped. I’d have to look it up but the BBC did one of the shows that year so it may have been them. It was bootlegged but very good quality recording, done for airing on US radio.

      • Roy Davies Says:

        Just checked Simon – 24th June 1978, Atlanta, was released as a BBC transcription disc – it was a support slot to REO Speedwagon so an approx. 60 mins set of Kill The King /Mistreated /Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll /Man On The Silver Mountain /Still I’m Sad.

      • simon robinson Says:

        Thanks for that Roy. I remember someone at the BBC who worked on the tapes did me a cassette but not sure if it had any more on it. I know at the time we couldn’t work out why the Beeb was taping American shows but wouldn’t broadcast them back home.

      • Peter Wolff Says:

        Simon here’s the news, on the 11th February from Polydor, the Rainbow Box set !! It’s a 19cd singles box set, the track listing too early yet, let me know what you think.

      • simon robinson Says:

        We were told to expect this at the end of November, but will check the sales guys again.

    • frodster Says:

      Listening to those ’78 Dio-Rainbow cuts on ‘Final Vinyl’ I thought Cozy’s drums were not well recorded. It was like he had no overhead mics on his kit. The keyboards too are pulled way too low in the mix too. A shame as Munich’77 is a great recording.
      Maybe the ’78 live cuts will get a remix at some point?

      • simon robinson Says:

        I suppose anything is possible but I’m not sure if multi-tracks for these were kept, or if they had to use the mix made at the time, which rather limits what can be done.

  9. DavidG Says:

    Excellent news! Fantastic performances from the whole band on this show. Really looking forward to getting this officially, after recording the original Rockpalast broadcast from WDR. Don’t hold your breath for Blu-Ray, the picture source is video tape, not film, so not an HD source unfortunately.

    • simon robinson Says:

      It’s true, a lot of TV rock video recording was not great due to limitations of the technology (and even interference from the sound affecting the picture). But it is possible to sharpen up images in post-production now. Won’t worry me, we’re still watching on our 15 year old Sony CRT TV!

  10. overthehill Says:

    Yes, it’s good…The decision to have so much strobing with the lights is a strange one, but it’s a good performance.

  11. Anthony Says:

    I have the bootleg too but I am hoping they will clear the sound up..remix etc. It is very professionally photographed and a great document to the ( possibly ) last line up of Rainbow. On another note I am really looking forward to the Rainbow CD box set . I am hoping a few live Bonnet era tracks will be on it..Does anyone know more about this potential release?

  12. Mat K Says:

    I was at the Hammersmith show and he was amazingly good. Looking forward to this.

  13. Roy Davies Says:

    Looks like Man on the Silver Mountain is missing from the 2CD audio version?

  14. Ed Says:

    I have a bootleg of this show , Blackmore plays better on this than on any of the live reunion era Purple recordings …. Looking forward to it , hoping for a bluray though !

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