All Those Years Ago

Jon Lord All Those Years Ago

That we’re all still discussing Jon Lord’s musical legacy a year on from his death is an indication of the man’s importance to so many Deep Purple fans. As well as reflecting on this it’s good on such an occasion to be able to mention a major new book celebrating Jon’s career. All Those Years Ago, a title inspired by an as yet unreleased composition Jon had been working on, looks set to be a fabulous collection of rare photographs and personal recollections, put together by the team who produced the California Jam book in 2012. Having already seen some of the material which has been unearthed, I can promise a fascinating collection of images.
With permission we have reprinted the press release from RS Limited Editions about the book on a new page, and links to their site where people can keep up to speed on the project by subscribing to a special mailing list.
With this, progress on a blue plaque for Jon’s childhood home, a vinyl edition of the 2012 Concerto, confirmation of the memorial concert for next year (all recently reported) and Paul Mann’s news that they are hoping to revisit the 1999 Concerto weekend and release the two shows in full, Jon Lord’s legacy looks to be in good hands.


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15 Responses to “All Those Years Ago”

  1. Henrik JB Says:

    Jon always being such a private man behind those dark shades, I wonder what he’d say about a book like this. I think and hope he’d not mind too much, I’ll certainly buy it and look forward a lot to it and seeing other sides of the greatest organ master in rock’n’roll history.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Jon was on board with the idea early on but he was busy with a number of music projects then when he became ill it was put to one side for obvious reasons.

  2. barry mitchell Says:

    A book of pictures is alright but while reading through everybody’s comments, my converted old 7″ vinyl rendition of Jon’s theme from Diary Of An Edwardian Lady came up on my ipod thingy
    what I’d rather have is a proper copy of this – was it his first solo classical work? i.e. not done with Purple or other rock musicians? It must be one of the first few and we’re limited to scratchy old vinyl to listen to what is one of Jon’s finest pieces.

    • simon robinson Says:

      It was indeed a great theme, done for a TV show. I don’t think Jon played on it though, and the album itself was done by someone else. Jon might have got more involved but the Deep Purple reunion was looming by this time.

  3. mistermusica Says:

    Nicely written memory of Jon.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Thanks for the link Steve. It is indeed a nice recollection of the man. Sadly however the blog seems to have stopped posting after just two months last year!

  4. Les Hedger Says:

    I like the idea and would certainly buy the book. I think Jon just might go down as one of the best and most important musicians of the past 100 years.

  5. richard poustie Says:

    No particular beef about the title itself – but rather surprised they didn’t go with “Pictured Within” which would seem perfect!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Indeed it would.

    • Scott W. Says:

      Nice thought Richard P! Why didn’t they think of that? I bought the ‘Standard’ version of the ‘Cal Jam’ book and it set me back $240 shipping inclusive. Although there will not be a ‘Signature’ version of this book for obvious reasons, a facsimile signature from the Cal jam Book on the opening page would be a nice touch. With Vicky’s approval of course. With a CD and DVD included with his new book, I shudder at what they will ask for it

  6. Timothy Says:

    Great to hear that Jon hasn’t just become ‘the organist from purple’, which probably would have been the case if he hadn’t left the band when he did. Being able to write and perform the Durham Concerto, his later solo work and tours and, of course, the studio Concerto recording all proved that he was serious in his intentions and ability to pursue a more classical route – I still find it weird that people listening to the early 70’s DP live didn’t pick up on the difference between (a band) just playing a ‘classical’ bit of music (i.e ELP) and Jon’s skill of weaving those same motifs into the mix during Mandrake Root and Space Truckin’ – but I suppose if you only hear one version of either of those songs you may assume that he always played that bit of Ravel there (as ELP did!)

  7. Ian Douglas Says:

    I’ve certainly registered interest – I believe Rufus Stone will do a great job given past successes with Whitesnake and California Jam. An Anthology boxset would be great – picking the best from his band/s involvements but also great solo projects such as Before I Forget – any word on any such plans?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Nothing I’m aware of right now, though we did help with some ideas not long before Jon died on a proposed 2CD set (one rock, one solo), but it was so difficult to bring it all together. This got as far as a trial CD and cover art which I have somewhere. Jon then countered with a classical only track list, but it was so hard to get a meaningful selection onto a relatively limited running time…

  8. clive bindley Says:

    All those Years Ago… who came up with that title?
    It was the title of a George Harrison song, not exactly original is it?
    Hopefully it will be a good and interesting book despite this title flaw.

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