1964 and all that

The Artwoods have been unavailable on CD for ages but it looks like they are at last working on a full compilation. Previous efforts have been nicely put together but incomplete; as this new one will come out on my old label RPM I’m hopeful this won’t be the case (or there will be words!).  The master situation is still shocking though, as most appear to have been thrown out in the 1980s.  For anyone interested in Jon Lord’s career prior to Deep Purple the material is fascinating, though the feeling has always been that their studio material was underproduced and to date very little live or session material survives of good enough quality to issue.  Anyhow, more news when we get it.
The farmhouse at South Mimms which Deep Purple were holed up for a time in early 1968 is back on the market again after a refurbishment a few years ago.  It’s now up to £2.7 million, and the London Evening Standard reports that this is the “house where Deep Purple wrote their hit Smoke On The Water.”  As far as we know all they wrote was their – and possible band – names on the living room walls (and sadly we suspect that has been done away with in the make-over.)
And I can remember when The Stannit used to be such a good paper.
If you haven’t got that kind of cash then someone has been trying to sell a copy of the original 1982 DPAS Deep Purple Discography online recently with a starting bid: $499.00!  Don’t all rush at once, I’m not sure it sold.

This nice magazine cover is from the Summer issue of the Polish music magazine Lizard (published four times a year), and features a great shot of Jon Lord from the start of the Mk 4 line-up. Thanks to Pavel Ffolkes for sending the scan over.

Lizard no 11 Summer 2013
Hier ist das Video vom Wacken! Lastly and back up to now, then, and a chunk (some nine songs) of one of Deep Purple’s shows on the current tour is around to watch online, shot at the Wacken festival (Aug 3rd I think).  We do not know how long this will be available for (though people suggest it has already been copied to video sharing sites). I’ve not been able to watch (more because I’m running an outdated version of Flash than any intrinsic issue with the website, and as my operating system cannot take the latest version, it’s Catch 22 and lets all crash the browser!) but more up to date people should be able to check it out on the link below.

Thanks also to Tim Summers, Mark Stratford, Jeff Breis, Stephen Clare

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8 Responses to “1964 and all that”

  1. Terje kvicksson Says:

    You tell in an mail a while ago about a gig in london on the 17th. Purple cover band. Any news?

  2. Timothy Says:

    Jon Lord, Miles Davis AND Jimi Hendrix? My desert Island magazine content! Where do I subscribe?!

  3. Kazz Says:

    A 63 minutes version of the Wacken gig is available here (only for a limited period):

  4. Per S. Says:

    DP in Wacken was actually Aug 1 and the good news is that the show will not disappear, but appear on CD / DVD / Blu Ray, including H.Star and Hell to Pay – no Fireball. They were headlining to 75.000 people. As it was a short show I wonder what will be added on?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Thanks for this Per. Strange to give over an hour out on the web then, but perhaps the deal included these rights and the physical release is a bonus for those who still can’t get their head around having their collections on a hard drive.

  5. dirie Says:

    Yes, a complete compilation of The Artwoods! Also good to hear it will be released on the RPM label.

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