Live In Melbourne er Sydney 1984

Deep Purple Perfect Strangers live Melbourne 1984UPDATE – The live 1984 DVD reported earlier is from one of the three nights at Sydney and NOT Melbourne as the sales sheets claim. As well as the main format DVD, there are CD and vinyl editions, but both are limited.  Full track listing and details on DTB under Perfect Strangers Live.  It’s due out in October.  Our first report of the release is below.  Formats available to pre-order at DTB Online store.

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19 Responses to “Live In Melbourne er Sydney 1984”

  1. purpledaniel Says:

    I guess that the lack of a Blue Ray edition sums up the picture quality that we are gonna get. If we are lucky enough, it will be similar to the Dire Straits Alchemy DVD which is from the same era and has relatively poor picture quality but great audio.

  2. Bruce from Sydney Says:

    I can confirm that there were three Sydney shows in 1984. George Harrison appeared at the 2nd show. The 3rd show was filmed as I recall that there was a cameraman on a crane type of thing on the side of the stage.
    Interestingly the first tickets sold were for the second show. When it sold out tickets went on sale for the first show.

  3. Dave Stoddard Says:

    Christmas comes early then !!

  4. Ian Douglas Says:

    We went to both Sydney shows; one had the guest appearance of one GH (the Beatles one). They (DP) were good but very formulaic I’d say – nothing approaching the edgy excitement and class of Rainbow with Dio for instance. Also the Entertainment Centre is one ghastly concrete barn. Clearly dominated by old numbers this was the turning point (from then on) for reunion lineups to – in the main – rehash old material rather than being a forward-looking group, in my view. Never again would we see Blackmore classics to the heights of Gates of Babylon, Stargazer, Light in the Black, et al.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I kind of feel the reunion has some great periods, more so than Rainbow who are rightly lauded for their early material but only really had two or three years at that sort of level, and it was slow decline from there on. By the last few tours many of us only went for the guitar solos!

    • Jim Collins Says:

      I agree with Ian Douglas for the most part, but personally thought the turning point in the reunion was on the HOBL tour. When they dumped all the Perfect Strangers material except the title track and KAYBD, but kept ALL the golden oldies, I knew we’d never see them looking forward again. Ever since that tour they’ve consistently dumped songs from the previous album and kept all the 70’s songs in the set list. Sad and such a disappointment…

      • David Sanderson Says:

        Not sure if you have seen or will be seeing DP on the current tour but they play quite a lot of the new album, it was usually the case ‘back in the day’ that bands would tour in support of a new album and play maybe five tracks from it along with old classics and a few surprises, indeed DP did this right up ‘until ‘Abandon’ and if I recall ‘Bananas’, ‘ROTD’ dates featured mainly oldies but if you like the new album, this tour won’t disappoint.

  5. Jeff Says:

    Isn’t there a full show from Connecticut as well? I remember IG saying it was great but “it will never” come out. What show was the live video of Nobody’s Home from?
    For me the holy grail would be the recording footage from the Perfect Strangers video that B Payne shot. I heard they were going to do a documentary at the time but it never came to be.
    I am looking forward to the Rainbow DVD coming out. That was a good band and a good show…too bad about those horrible strobe lights though!

  6. bollokcs Says:

    Mk 2 tracks are the best. It’s not the only video from this era. As far as I know, there are at least 3 videos from 1985…

  7. Rijir Says:

    I still say it is from Sydney. The release notes also said the only pro shot show from 84/85 and there are 7 shows filmed we know of.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Not sure I can come up with seven but there are certainly some pro shoots from 1985 in the US and Europe (even a few minutes of Knebworth!). There is no Blu-Ray option listed so far for the upcoming release. It’s a moot point whether the video quality would really justify that, as the bits I’ve seen in the past are not technically brilliant. I don’t know who this was filmed on behalf of, other that for that mooted MTV special.

      • Rijir Says:

        The 7 I know of: Sydney Dec 12, 13 & 14 1984 (KAYBD in 35mm from third night). Providence March 1985 (this was the MTV one). Paris 1985 both nights. Alpine Valley USA summer 1985.

      • simon robinson Says:

        Yes, if we can confirm the three Sydney shows then this tallies with our files. But some people who went to Sydney say they saw no cameras out front. One source suggests they just had stationary cameras set up, possibly to provide some extra cut-away type footage.

      • Gordon Shumway Says:

        In reply to the no camera thing in Sydney, Black Night from the New Live and Rare DVD is most definitely from the first Sydney night (12-12) as I own the audio bootleg and the video and it’s the same. The drum solo on the DVD is also from that show. As for the other two Sydney nights, I did occasionally see (on the bootleg DVD) a camera man on stage filming Ritchie in the show the next day (the one where George Harrison joined them on Lucille).

        I also never heard of the Melbourne shows being filmed so I assume that is a mistake on the labels part.
        We’ll know soon though as in Japan the DVD is released two weeks earlier and I hope Eagle Rock will upload a song as they did with the Rainbow Rockpalast 1995 release. That one by the way isn’t really an increase in quality from the best bootleg versions around. The sound seems exactly the same. Which has me in fear that this Perfect Strangers live DVD will have the same quality as the Black Night clip from NLAR DVD, which would be disappointing to say the least. But perhaps I should not look a gift horse in the mouse, as I’ve been longing for a proper gig of the PS tour for a long time.

      • simon robinson Says:

        Thanks for this Gordon, they have now confirmed that it’s Sydney after all. You just can’t get the staff these days!

  8. purpledaniel Says:

    If this was in fact filmed in Melbourne, any idea who did the actual work? Was it known that this gig had been filmed? I guess we still have the Sydney footage ready to be released as well, someday…

  9. mikeladano Says:


  10. Bo Finn Poulsen Says:

    No Blu-Ray for this? Bo.

  11. Danielz Says:

    Excellent. The perfect line-up for me too!

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