Nasty Habits bowing out

Nasty Habits are ending their now long-standing partnership with Nick Simper later this year.  They will be doing the last of their very popular Mk 1 sets together in October, so if you want to catch them this is your last chance.  The final dates are: 11.10.  Harmonie, Bonn, Germany; 17.10.  Reigen, Vienna; 18.10.  Mostviertelhalle,  3350 Haag,  Austria; 19.10.  Kulturhaus, Potschach, Austria
The band were recently on a big Austrian festival bill with ZZ Top and Stevie Winwood headlining. Thanks to Peter Brkusic, photo from MetalShock.

Nick Simper Nasty Habits

3 Responses to “Nasty Habits bowing out”

  1. Bernt Says:

    What’s the reason for this ending?

  2. vince chong Says:

    Nice photo of Nick !

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