Apologies for the lack of updates lately. Our already tetchy broadband connection (we’re well over the maximum distance from the exchange here) didn’t like the heatwave this summer. I hoped it would pick up again but it never did, and as well as really slow speeds the connection kept dropping, several times a day. Often in the middle of doing an update. Anyhow, a very nice man from BT spent the morning on the line last week and tracked the breakage, and returned to say he’d got a connection speed of 3MB back. Back? we’ve never had that speed! So I’m slowly getting back on top of all the online chores I’d been putting off.



2 Responses to “Connections”

  1. Ian Douglas Says:

    Recently I have been sorting and ordering my collection(s). Prized among them are the Darker than Blue magazines! PLEASE is there a chance to bring this back – far more quality and analysis than is possible through blogs and bits ‘n pieces (not to criticise the site, but since the IT revolution/takeover we have really lost cultural treasures more broadly to be honest). Anyway just to mention in hope!

  2. Chris Bradbury Says:

    Don’t apologise. You do a great job.

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