Now What was that again?!

Deep Purple singleHistory repeats itself (for those still trying to work out exactly how many editions of the Rapture Of The Deep album came out*) with a 2CD GOLD TOUR EDITION of Now What.  This comprises the existing album (+ It’ll Be Me & First Sign of Madness) with a second disc of tracks recorded on the summer tour in Italy, Germany and Sweden.  Track listing is:
Fireball / Into The Fire / Hard Lovin’ Man / Vincent Price / Strange Kind Of Woman / Body Line / Above And Beyond / Perfect Strangers / All The Time In The World / Hush / Black Night / Smoke On The Water
It has been stressed that these are ‘monitor mixes’.  A bit of a strange concept really; a lot of people will be cheesed off at having to buy the album again, and surely the time for a live album proper was later in the year when there will be more off the new studio album to include (although a third of this is new which is something)?  Likely to be on vinyl as well.
They will also issue a single (the third off the CD, or fourth a-side) to promote,  Above and Beyond  – 7” purple vinyl – b-side Space Truckin’ recorded live in Majano, Italy, July 24, 2013; – CD single (with Things I’ve Never Said studio, Space Truckin’ and Hush both live in Rome, Italy, July 22, 2013).  We can’t say if Hush is the same as the live CD (and clearly as Space Truckin is not on the live album, both the vinyl and CD are needed to complete the material).  Strewth. The CD and vinyl album can be pre-ordered at DTB Online shop. We will not carry the single up front due to being stiffed on supplies over the others. The single sleeve is shown here.
Now all we need to know is did DP lift their album title from Elvis Presley’s daughter? See the link here!
(* Five so far. They’re nowhere near the record mind; Ian Dury & The Blockheads album Do It Yourself was issued in over 30 different sleeves, and there is still no exact figure as nobody seems to know any more!)

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13 Responses to “Now What was that again?!”

  1. Steve Allum Says:

    “Marketing” it may be, but some honesty from the record company would be nice. “Here’s the new DP album, but we’re going to release a better version a few months later.”
    I’ve been feeding my DP addiction for years but I’m getting tired of buying multiple releases of the same stuff (with a few extras thrown in)
    Am I grumbling… yes!

    • simon robinson Says:

      I don’t recall this sort of multi-format album scam much in years gone by. The first shot might have been the Perfect Strangers album which was reissued as a ‘tour edition’ by Polydor in picture disc form with the bonus track. Yes there were lots of different single formats, but generally these were advertised up front so you made your mind up which you wanted.

      • gareth Says:

        Why is Space Trucking (Live) not on the reissue as well instead of just on the single? Thats what annoys me the most. Thats a lot of purchasing to get all the tracks. Still I’ll probably get it!

  2. Bruce Says:

    I left 2 comments, both were removed.

  3. Bruce Says:

    Oh Boy, all those grumbling again! The price for the “Gold Edition” would be even less compared to a single disc. A live album with “Now What” as a bonus – SO WHAT! And by the way: I own 6 Versions of ROTD:
    Jewel Case, Tinbox, Vinyl, Digipack, Japan CD, Tour Edition.

  4. Jerry Says:

    “I had a feeling DP would pull this stunt again”.

    I think it’s more a case of the Record Company maximising it’s investment. No one has to buy it, but I personally don’t have an issue with multiple versions of an album. Besides, if they released the live album on it’s own, the price is unlikely to be much different, and if people who have yet to buy the album are attracted by this version, it merely helps to expose more people to the best Purple album for 20 years. It’s called marketing.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yep, sales are hard to come by these days so freshening up the release clearly makes sense to the label. Still feel a proper double live set for Xmas might have made more sense (possibly Deep Purple … Live In The Heart of The Cities?)

  5. Steve Allum Says:

    A “tour edition” of the new album. What a surprise… yeah right! I waited to buy the new album because I had a feeling DP would pull this stunt again.

  6. Jim Collins Says:

    Whew, thanks! I was looking all over the place to see which single I missed!

  7. Tom Dixon Says:

    Here we go again! Even as a die hard, 40 year fan, I will wait for the live album proper. I too have three copies of ROTD & hope that the keywords ‘monitor mix’ means a full, mixed album is in the pipeline.
    By the way Simon, any news on that early Tommy Bolin track I sent details of?

  8. Jim Collins Says:

    Fourth single from the album? What am I missing? #1) All The Time In The World, #2) Vincent Price, #3) ? I thought Above and Beyond was the third single?
    Jim C.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yep, I was sort of counting Hell To Pay as well but it was just an alternate a-side for a different format. It does get kind of confusing! I will change the text.

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