News round-up

Another quick round up of odds and ends…
Following the NME pitch, more people are after your vote! Deep Purple have been nominated for Album of the Year in this year’s Classic Rock Awards for NOW What?! The link to vote.
Tickets and aftershow passes for one of the upcoming Deep Purple UK shows are up for grabs for charity.  In a nice touch, if you win, you can pick the venue which suits you most (albeit it must be one they’re playing!).  You can find full details of the auction on ebay here. We don’t normally push this sort of thing but as we know the people handling this auction, we can vouch for the authenticity!  Auction finishes on Friday I think.
Talking of tickets, the Jon Lord Tribute ones have been delayed by about a week, see our previous news item, but should still go on sale in October.
We are also hearing again about Didi Zill‘s Deep Purple book being republished later this year, but think we’ll wait until it’s actually out before believing it!
Info on the MIJ reissue is being dribbled out, but the news of the remix being handled by the guy who ruined Come Taste The Band is depressing the hell out of many.  Anyhow, it’s due around February 2014.
There is a little ‘glitch’ on the new Rainbow Black Masquerade CD / DVD but don’t fret, it’s part of the event. During Spotlight Kid, the backing singers are Candice Night and Judy Garland, the latter making an unscheduled appearance due to some berk on the mixer desk running the Over the Rainbow intro tape again by mistake (or attempting an early mash-up). So this happened at the gig and is not a mastering cock-up.
Episode Six LebanonA few nice early Episode Six pictures new on the site recently, for no other reason than we were doing some cloud backing up of archive material and pulled a few pictures out at the same time. More will be added soon. Also a few more new entries on the growing Deep Purple concert list.
“Went to see The Black Crowes at the Paradiso in Hamsterjam in June (just remembered!) and they played Purple’s version of Hush in the set…” Says Mike Galway, which by my reckoning means it’s taken him three months to recover!
Lastly if anyone wants to see what Simon’s been up to design wise (and why his email replies have been tardy of late), there is a video of the forthcoming Yes Interviews book in all it’s magnificence on the web at this link. “I now know more about the history of Yes than is healthy, and they make Deep Purple look like masters of diplomacy!” was all we could get out of him as he disappeared to Norfolk to let his eyes recover for a few days before wading into the next one…

Thanks also to  Lee Worrall, Tim Summers, Matt Wyatt.


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8 Responses to “News round-up”

  1. Says:

    Why the hell is Roger Glover not overseeing the Made In Japan reissue / remixes. He’s in the band so knows best what they and the fans want. It does need a more detailed booklet and lots of background info on the tour and album would be great.

  2. googlertoo Says:

    “Info on the MIJ reissue is being dribbled out, but the news of the remix being handled by the guy who ruined Come Taste The Band is depressing the hell out of many. ”

    … if this is being written by anyone who was involved in the remix for the previous 3-disc edition, then those in glass houses should refrain from throwing stones. Roger Glover was totally absent from that mix, the bass/drums duet in Space Truckin’ being rendered as a drum solo ……

    • simon robinson Says:

      Well (whoever is hiding behind the hotmail!) I’ve never shied away from that set, and stand by my involvement in it. The opportunity to get all three shows (more or less) out for the fans was worth the compromise (“you’ve got two days to mix the lot”) I thought. RG was offered a chance to help but couldn’t fit it into EMIs schedule. But if it’s being done again then surely time to rectify any mistakes, not compound them?

  3. Rune Olsen Says:

    Early on there were rumors about a discount on the next repaired book for us who had bought the first edition with all the misprints.. What is the latest on this subject?

  4. Mark Maddock Says:

    He couldn’t mix a xxxxxxx cake…

  5. Davor Turković Says:

    In London in March The Black Crowes played Hush. They do justice to Purple version of the song.

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