I think I heard you miming my song

There’s a mad Mk 1 archive video of Deep Purple just leaked onto YouTube, a previously undocumented version of Hush.  Rather than slavishly try and mime away to the single, the director has decided to give up all semblance of sanity on this one.  So no keyboard for Jon, who sits there thumping a stone table (and going into full Jerry Lee Lewis mode at one point), Paice taps away at a bird bath with two arrows and the others strum previously unseen guitars. But star of the show is Rod, who has done away with his famous gold lamé trousers for… a beach towel. This slips lower as the song progresses, but mercifully he’s kept his trunks on underneath, and dives into the pool while the instrumental solos are on, to be fished out with a beach net.  Luckily there’s a roaring fire in the grate to warm him up. I would guess that it’s filmed in some large (hotel?) garden in California during their promo duties on the first tour; certainly Blackmore and Simper’s gear matches up.  Anyway, one which has to be seen to be believed, though something of a curio.

Deep Purple mime Hush 1968


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9 Responses to “I think I heard you miming my song”

  1. Tony B Says:

    I agree with Rikk. I saw the video in the am over tea – Rod in his ‘trolleys’ is something I could do without but he is the front man. Jon is enjoying himself more than others it seems (Exhibitionist excepted!) and is not worried about being self-conscious for the camera. Ritchie on Tele too!

    • MKJ Says:

      Ritchie put that Tele neck on a Strat body in ’68, see back pic on Book of Taliesyn LP. Often done by guitarist in the late 60’s, and later Bolin used a Strat with a Tele neck.

  2. Paul Cropper Says:

    I saw this the other day and was absolutely gobsmacked. Astounded by the video itself and amazed that undocumented footage could emerge 45 years later in pristine condition.

  3. timothy Says:

    Crikey! Finally the proof that DP did NOT take themselves seriously! Can you imagine the band YES doing this to one of their numbers? Blackmore with a telecaster – a combination that I’ve never seen before (although it was probably loaned for the occasion). The film is in great condition so must have been well looked after.

  4. staromestska Says:

    Do you have a link to the video? Can’t find it on YouTube. Steve.

    • simon robinson Says:

      There is a link on our Facebook page. Latest thinking seems to point to a European origin, as it has apparently surfaced in a French vault. I asked producer Derek Lawrence about it in case but it’s new to him.

  5. Scott W. Says:

    It would be nice to know who found this and where? I guess as long as these Clips keep showing up is all that really matters. Love it! If this keeps up there will be enough for a ‘History, Hits and Highlights’ 2?

  6. Rikk Desgres Says:

    I’m scarred for life after seeing Rod in his outfit less attire. At least the band has a sense of humour. Or tries to anyway. Reminds me of the silly German videos early Mk 2 did.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yep, certainly similarities with the brass bedmobile footage from 1969! DTB therapy services available by appointment.

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