Rainbow box set due

Following Deep Purple and Gillan’s offerings (both long deleted), Rainbow are set to get a vinyl to CD singles box set at the end of November (Singles Box Set ).  This one raises the bar with no fewer than 19 compact discs, all in repro sleeves.  If you’re thinking that seems a lot, you’d be right as they’ve doubled up the set to include numerous non UK releases as well.  DTB Mail order will stock it but do be warned that the projected price is more than £80 (goodness knows what the postage will add to that).  It is a limited edition for obvious reasons. Contents are now listed on the site in the reviews section.

Rainbow singles box


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17 Responses to “Rainbow box set due”

  1. Michael Says:

    Well what a bunch of moaning minnies, I for one will be purchasing this, got the DP and Gillan sets and love this sort of stuff. Also now picking up the Rush box sets Sector 1, 2 and 3 again with replica gatefold sleeves. We all know its just a money making exercise, if you don’t want it don’t buy it.

  2. Edward Morgan Says:

    After the Judas Priest singles collection and the Dio one (which included a DVD), this one probably seemed obvious to the record company but not to everyone else – is it possible there is anything previously unreleased on CD in this collection (a live version of A Light In the Black or Lady Of The Lake maybe)?

  3. Jack Says:

    Of course, the box set it’s a limited edition, ’cause this is a blatant rip off!!!

  4. Jack Says:

    It’s a much better idea to release a 2cd with all the singles instead of this expensive box set!!!

  5. Lea Says:

    Waste of money. And whatever happened to the other albums in the series of the Rainbow Deluxe Editions? They got halfway and then they stopped.
    Well, at least we have the Donington 1980 release to look forward to next year. I’ll save my money for that and also the Made In Japan box set.

  6. Mike Burnett Says:

    Ah Simon. Re the Mars Attacks cards comment. It is comforting to know that there are other obsessives out there. Thus speaketh the man who received criticism from the wife this week about gazing lovingly at his latest set of rubber uglies/jigglers figures purchased at no little expense off e-bay!! Saying that, one of the little rubber horrors does have a passing resemblance to JLT so I think that this comment does belong on this page…..

  7. Roy Davies Says:

    Sooner or later some record company is going to have the bright idea of issuing a similar box set , but of all the non-picture sleeve singles, putting them in genuine authentic-looking plain white paper sleeves.
    The box to put them in will be made available as a limited edition down-load.
    All for £80……..

  8. Frank Says:

    It would be nice to see if there is any unreleased tracks on these. If there isn’t, I probably have little interest. If they are truly 19 disc, but singles, that seems like a lot of money for stuff I probably already have.

  9. Scott W. Says:

    I just told the dollars in my wallet I “Can’t Let You Go”, “Can’t Happen Here”! (“Maybe Next Time”)!!

  10. Kazz Says:

    Useless stuff! A CD single never can replace the original vinyl single. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a vinyl adept, on the contrary. But it’s a waste of material. Why not leave the 19 repro sleeves empty and put the stuff on a 2CD. It sounds the same.

  11. Bernard Maasdijk, Netherlands Says:

    What’s the point of these releases? Some time ago they released a sort of super-deluxe-anniversary-edition-to-end-all-anniversary-editions of Machine Head including, if I’m not mistaken, exactly 1 (one) unissued track, a so-so soundcheck version of Maybe I’m A Leo. Not only because of the hefty price I passed on that.
    Now they put out the collected Rainbow singles. Will there be anything in that box that the average long time Rainbow fan doesn’t own already? Or is it again a repackaging of the same old songs. As these are the singles, it probably is.
    But even “new” material doesn’t always justify parting with one’s hard-earned cash. Some years ago I was lured into purchasing the Rainbow Anthology 1975-1984 because of the inclusion of Will You Love Me Tomorrow, which turned out to be an atrocity. Whenever I give that compilation a spin I skip it.
    I have often wondered about the seemingly endless stream of Rainbow compilations: who is buying this stuff? Obviously almost everyone interested enough to buy the collected Rainbow singles (again) will be more interested in high quality live recordings of Rainbow during the Bonnet and Turner years. It would be nice to hear what Turner does with (or to) Catch the Rainbow and Lost in Hollywood. I prefer the Dio years but they have been well-served on CD and deservedly so.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I guess it’s mostly aimed at the hard core collector. I went for the Deep Purple set when they did that a few years ago, but will be passing on this. I have all the vinyl originals (which you could probably still buy on the web for less than the cost of this new box!) and as you say a 2CD set would have been enough for most people (maybe they will follow up with that?).
      And I speak as someone who is debating whether to buy the Mars Attacks gum cards anniversary reissue set even though I have the original 1962 US and UK sets, and the 1994 reprints! But the new set is on ‘proper heritage card’…

    • frodster Says:

      That particular CD also offered up also the live versions from Cardiff of Stranded and All Night Long which was appreciated by me anyway. Getting the rest of that gig out as a stand alone release would be very welcome. Ditto the Donnington ’80 gig.

  12. timothy Says:

    it will take you ‘all night long’ to listen to it all… (old jokes home)

    • simon robinson Says:

      Is there someone to look after you?! If this is anything like the Blondie CD single set I have (!) it’s so difficult to actually get the discs out of the sleeves without damaging them it puts me off doing so.

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