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Deep Purple In RockAmazingly the guy who did the artwork job for Deep Purple In Rock has surfaced. Colin is 93 but still going strong, and his son got in touch with me recently following a feature  which appeared on the ST33 album sleeve design blog. Colin also worked on a couple of the band’s other sleeves, via his friendship with manager John Coletta.  Needless to say I have emailed him some questions via his son and hope to find out more soon.  In the meantime, you can read the story of the In Rock design on ST33.

The Wait For The Ricochet book is now finally expected later this month.


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14 Responses to “designer surfaces”

  1. Drdp Says:

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a Model of this Classic for display in your Home/Office? Made of Resin maybe 12″ long by 8” or 10″ high.
    This and “Rainbow Rising”. Both would be AWESOME!

    • simon robinson Says:

      I have seen a few 3D versions of classic sleeves, but they all seem to be fairly shallow, just having elements at slightly different depths. To do a proper 3D version of this would be quite a task for a skilled modeller, although I’m sure it would be possible.

      • Drdp Says:

        Hey Simon: All agreed. I have actually sent an e-mail to the makers to question them about these possibilities. They have released another Dio & a New ”Lemmy” Figurine.
        Haven’t heard back from them, they may think I’m daft or that it’s just near impossible to do or get the rights.
        Still I’d welcome the “In Rock” & “Rising” to my collection.

      • simon robinson Says:

        Yes, I did contact them some years ago. We suggested a Cal Jam figure of Blackmore, and one of Gillan circa 1970, USA t-shirt era. I had cleared it with the manager at the time BUT it would also need approval from the musician. And be commercially viable as the sculpting / moulding etc. is quite expensive. However given some of the figures which have been marketed I think it would work.

      • Mohan Says:

        3D printers can easily do this now with the appropriate computer graphics imagery software to add the other dimension. I first saw one about 10 years ago making engineering model parts which took hours or days and they have become better and faster.
        Recall talking to a colleague years ago telling him I had visited Mt. Rushmore in S. Dakota when he told me that he was from that area and that he was half-Sioux Indian. He told me that for the Sioux this mountain was traditionally very sacred in the Black Hills area. Thus they find the actual mountain sculpture an insult considering the fact that their lands were stolen and Sioux butchered when gold was found. Should counter any quibbling from some conservatives who find DP’s album cover offending them by superimposing over their presidents’ faces. Actually, Gutzon Borglum, the sculptor, his original working model was for the presidential carvings from the waist up.
        Interesting to think, if a silly fuss had been created that an alternative cover might have been made. Maybe they did by cutting the thunderous and fiery intro from Speed King. The designer could always go to India or Egypt for photos of mountain rock sculptures thousands of years old to superimpose on.
        A brilliant album cover though and an authoritative title which matches the amazing musicianship and standard, still unmatched – except by DP in the 70’s themselves.

      • simon robinson Says:

        Can you generate 3D just from the flat cover? My experience of 3D modelling is that it needs an original to scan from, so what you’d need to do it make (say) a plasticine version and scan that. I did go to some demos of the technology not long ago and it was really interesting to see how things are moving. Must admit I find the mountain sculpture a bit OTT, but didn’t know about the Sioux concerns.
        Like the alt idea of the heads on five Sphinxes (or whatever the plural is) though!

      • Mohan Thampi Says:

        You can from the flat cover. The old way was to create layers tediously as long as you know their dimensions. But 3D model software is easier now and available where you can stretch and fit until it is a reasonable 3D image to your eye before you print the 3D image. Do you have busts or photos of DP heads from all angles/profiles to make measurements? The mountain you can get from Google 3D Maps. I have given a link below to a 2012 Popular Mechanics article which gives a good start on what can be done.

        Over here you can find 3D printers in vocational/technical schools where engineering drafting students have access to making 3D models of their assignments.
        Sphinxes sound interesting and the Leo singer can now say it is the correct answer to the ‘riddle’ “Maybe I Am a Leo”!! The original sphinx head according those who have studied it was that was a lion’s head but then resculpted by a Pharoah to have his own head with the lion’s body intact.

      • simon robinson Says:

        I can feel a National Geographic documentary idea building up here Mohan. The 3D machines are in quite a lot of colleges here now, and they’re also doing little 3D figures in some of the London stores; you walk in and get scanned and collect your little figure later on. Amazing idea.

  2. Tony B Says:

    Very interesting feature on the design of In Rock. I’ve rekindled my interest in LP sleeves especially of rock bands in the late 60s/early 70s. A favourite LP sleeve of mine is Message From The Country by the Move (a Roy Wood painting I believe).
    I’ve got LPs with laminated outer sleeves from the early 70s, When I enquired about LP manufacture recently a gatefold sleeve would cost around £1 extra per LP, and I guess laminating it would increase the cost even more. Just interested in this side of things!

    • simon robinson Says:

      I’m not even sure anyone CAN laminate sleeves these days, as the technology seems to have been replaced by printing in gloss or matt varnish.

  3. andrew Says:

    Always one of my top album covers.

  4. timothy Says:

    I hope you asked the most important question – did he do a rear view for the back cover that was never used?! (Wasn’t that in your ‘Covered’ book?)

  5. r3c0rdc0113ct0r Says:

    Splendid initial piece, can’t wait for the full in-depth interview…
    great work!

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