Coronation Street For Group & Orchestra

UPDATE – 8.65 million people saw this episode! There is now more detail on how this storyline came about from the script writer on the site.

Coronation Street and Deep Purple

This still (© ITV) comes from a recent episode of Britain’s longest running (TV) soap, Coronation Street.  People tell me this episode saw two of the characters – Roy Cropper and his wife Hayley – having a discussion about music. He’s into classical, she isn’t. Roy then tries a sideways conversion by playing her the UK vinyl of Deep Purple’s original Concerto! After some discussion and with Ian Paice’s solo in the background Haley wonders aloud how long it goes on for…
Next week, Stan Ogden and Annie Walker go head to head about Morse replacing Blackmore and the Police are called.
You can watch the full edition to get the context on ITV catch up.

More ‘Corrie’ Deep Purple pub quiz facts facts  1) Jon Lord once suggested his great ambition was to appear in Coronation Street! He did start out wanting to be an actor.  2) There used to be a copy of Deep Purple In Concert 70-72 stored under the counter in The Rover’s Return pub in the series*.

* I originally wrote MIJ in haste. I ought to recall the correct fact as it’s my one claim to fame as I designed the In Concert sleeve!

Thanks to : Stephen ‘My wife was watching it honest’ Clare, Michael ‘so was my wife’ Richards, Tim Summers, and Jon Kirkman.


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21 Responses to “Coronation Street For Group & Orchestra”

  1. mark Nolde Says:

    I could see it now. The woman in the clip! Most women don’t have a clue about music.

  2. Bryan Says:

    It’s back up on YouTube

  3. Geoff Davies Says:

    Seeing Roy philosophising to Hayley about Concerto for Group & Orchestra reminded me of a youthful encounter with the composer himself. November 20th 1978, Whitesnake played at Liverpool Empire on the Trouble tour. It was also my 18th birthday & I spent the afternoon at the local Holiday Inn in hope of meeting Mr Coverdale & Mr Lord. There was a music expo on in the Hotel that day & Murry, Marsden & Moody were hovering around trying out the guitars & such when I spotted DC in the foyer. I ambled over to him in confident fashion after my first legal beer & explained that it was my 18th birthday. I asked him if I could hitch a ride to the Empire on the tour bus. Amazingly he said ‘yes’ & when the time came I found myself on the bus sitting next to Jon Lord. He was as charming as you would expect & on that short journey from Paradise Street to Lime street we had a 5 minute conversation about … Coronation Street! The details have long since evaporated from my aging beer addled brain but he seemed quite a fan! I met Jon again in 2010 when he performed Concerto at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, I regaled this tale to him. Incredibly he didn’t remember, but it had been 32 years!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Great story Geoff! I wondr what it was about Corrie for Jon? He did say once he wasn’t a great fan of the cinema, so it must have resonated somehow. Maybe it remeinded him of his Leicester background?
      I remember us getting a lift from the hotel on the edge of Sheffield down to the City Hall on the famous ‘Snake tour bus after I’d been interviewing DC. There were only about three of us on it along with the singer. I took some photos, and you can see one of the popular pubs en route through the bus window – I keep meaning to do them a print. These days DC would probably stuff me in the luggage locker and throw away the key!

  4. It was my missus watching too! Says:

    Not Corrie, but still DP on mainstream TV, well, sort of…
    Two days before the Concerto discussion, a couple on Strictly were dressed up in tartan for their dance and for some reason the background music in their pre-dance VT was Smoke on the Water – played on the bagpipes. It didn’t help, they were voted off.
    Eastenders trivia: A poster advertising Perfect Strangers was pasted up in Albert Square back in the day, and Black Night was once heard on the juke box in the Queen Vic.
    Even further off topic and even sillier… ever tried typing PURPLES with one finger? Recognise the rhythm?

  5. terry Says:

    The script wtiters and these two actors are the best in UK TV, taking an oddball line with OCD and post op transexual (with terminal cancer) and making them unmissable is quite superb .. and now with The Concerto mentioned!

  6. MKJ Says:

    You can still watch it on iplayer, just watched it. Quite touching

  7. Colin Kendall Says:

    OK, I’ll admit – I was watching it (albeit with my wife, honest). It’s actually very well written and quite a touching little appraisal of the spirit behind the concerto. They’ve obviously done a bit of research too as he mentions the drummer wearing a pink shirt. TV gold. The bit where Hayley asks how long does it go on for is hilarious… just like our house when MIJ goes on!

    • simon robinson Says:

      We will have an update soon as ITV have been contacted by one of the DTB crew who got info off the writers and actors. Stay tuned! Can we get them to feature more albums?

  8. timothy Says:

    “Coronarias street”, surely? The Rovers Redig? When we rock we rock and when we (roys) rolls we roll?

    Ok, I’m leaving…

  9. Joyce Says:

    Stan Ogden and Annie Walker? Not watched it for a while have we?
    Seriously, it was a great moment, well scripted and researched. The sort of moment that makes Corrie so much better than Eastenders. Try and watch it.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I confess I haven’t seen it since the glory days of Minnie and Ena; really used to enjoy it back then and later living in Manchester for a while it was required viewing in the student flat. Jon Lord would always doodle on the theme tune when his band was passing through. Never seen Eastenders, just the odd trailer…

  10. Richard Says:

    I loved this ! Clearly a lot of personal insight from the writer here and it really struck a chord or two for me (albeit dating back to 1981 in my case, NOT 1969 !)

  11. Roy Davies Says:

    “There used to be a copy of Made In Japan stored under the counter in The Rover’s Return pub in the series.”

    Not quite Simon; It was a “Deep Purple in Concert” double vinyl under the living room hi-fi of the Rovers in the days when Bet Lynch was landlady.

  12. Clive Bindley Says:

    I saw this episode last night, although he didn’t mention it was Deep Purple they did show the LP cover. Nice to know Roy Cropper has good music!
    He was right, it probably shouldn’t have worked..but it did!

  13. Marcelo Says:

    Unfortunately, ITV seems to have brought it down from YouTube.

  14. Charles Malkin Says:

    Whoever scripted last night’s Corrie had a real affection for and impressive knowledge of the Concerto. Informed references included Roy Cropper waxing lyrical about Ian Paice’s pink shirt!

  15. mark Nolde Says:

    Unfortunately it is blocked in the Netherlands.

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