Now What 6 Disc Box!

deep purple now what box setWe’ve reported the upcoming special tour editions of Now What before on the site (you can still read the original article), but they have decided to revamp the release. The 2CD set with live tracks is still there (Gold Edition), the vinyl will be a double but just of the live tracks (titled Now What Live Tapes) and for everyone looking for that last minute Xmas gift, there is a NOW WHAT BOX SET 6 DISC SET. This pulls together the 2CD set above, plus the singles, t-shirt and other goodies.  Because it’s all getting a bit complicated, we’ve jotted down all the details on a special Now What page.

The idea of putting together all the live shows to make the box set really special seems to have not occured to anyone. All the formats can be pre-ordered via DTB Online store but please keep in mind the limited nature of two of these formats (we have been warned that the vinyl and box set may sell out BEFORE release date).


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3 Responses to “Now What 6 Disc Box!”

  1. mark Nolde Says:


  2. Ralph Says:

    I have just ordered this box set but I have a small question about this item. You talk about a different amount of cd’s: In the DTB E-mail you talk about 6 cd’s, the order conformation says 5 cd’s
    Can you shed some light on this?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Things seem to have settled down to FIVE discs, 3 singles, the live CD, and special album CD with bonus video / press kit stuff. Now if I can just find my elbow I’ll be OK….

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