Joe Lynn Turner has tied up (or down) with Come Taste the Band, to lay down a one-off single called Tied Down, written by Joe and two of the band. It is currently available on iTunes and a physical CD single is planned for January in Norway. And hey, it’s pretty good (if the pre-mix they kindly sent me is anything to go by);  Joe is singing in a lower register and growls along nicely over a retro Purple beat, all howling Hammond and even a slightly funky feel to the backings. You can get more info from the band’s site at  www.cttb.no
Thanks to Jo Henning Kaasin


3 Responses to “JLT and CTTB”

  1. Ian Douglas Says:

    Great news! I have read some very positive reviews of this band. Somewhat interestingly – another ex-Rainbow pal (one Snr Doogie White) had a single by the same name and then of course there’s the great original Album!

  2. Bryan Says:

    The song is also available on a free sampler CD available with the current issue of Classic Rock’s AOR magazine.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Thanks Brian, finding it hard to keep up with “Team Rock’s” plethora of titles, most of which are only stocked in one shop in town!

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