Xmas spam

Just a warning about ‘clever’ spam emails hitting intrays this week from “Royal Mail”. These claim to be trying to sort out an issue with customs and are very clever, all the links on the email go through to the official Royal Mail website, but the email itself is a fake.  Most such scams scream out but this one could easily suck people in, especially at a time when everyone is busy ordering online.  We got in touch with RM who said the scam began on Monday this week and also warned of a similar one featuring fake DHL paperwork.


4 Responses to “Xmas spam”

  1. ceebee Says:

    Just reading through the blog and noticed you mentioned a
    Deep Purple album titled Now Then?
    Have I missed this new release?

  2. Keith Says:

    On a similar theme, be careful though if ordering from the Official DP Website. My wife ordered 2 t-shirts for my birthday and was hit by handling and customs charges. Cost an extra £14!

    • simon robinson Says:

      I assume these were from the American merchandise operation? You do have to watch for this I’m afraid, once the value of a shipment exceeds a certain amount but most websites do warn their customers.

  3. Lee Worrall Says:

    Thanks for the info. I’ve had a few DHL emails over the last few weeks.

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