Still waiting for the ricochet

The publishers of Wait For The Ricochet have not been able to get this shipped into their warehouse in time for DTB to post out before the December holiday break.  It will arrive with the book distributors sometime over the next few days, and we will in turn arrange to have our stock shipped up to our office as soon as it on their stock lists. DTB customers will still get their copies before anyone else, but I do apologise to anyone who was hoping for this in their stocking.


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23 Responses to “Still waiting for the ricochet”

  1. Tony B Says:

    Enjoying the book now I’m well on with it. Discovering some fascinating recording techniques/details from Andy Knight’s bits in the book as well.

  2. xavier rullo Says:

    Just a couple of quick thoughts…
    -Stunning book, I can’t think of a better way to review it. Every Deep Purple fan should have one copy home.
    -Doesn’t Jon look awesome on the page 126 picture?
    Thank you very much for your work, we really appreciate it.
    Xavier Rulló Guàrdia

  3. Scott W Says:

    What can I say. You have really done nice work here! I think it is the release of the year (guess I better wait as we are only into the second month). As a Musician myself, I really like Stephen’s input into the ‘Music Theory’ aspect of the song descriptions. Not to be greedy, but i would LOVE to see (the other) albums having a book devoted to them as well. Thank you for this gem of a book!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Thanks Scott, the thought of tackling all the others albums like this – well, I guess it’s one way to see me into retirement. I shall also try and remember that Musician now has a capital M…!

      • Scott W. Says:

        I just might contribute to your retirement or is that ‘Retirement’?… Caps give importance to important WORDS i guess… a Habit of mine sorry…

  4. Mårten Says:

    This arrived today and I must say it looks stunning! What a wealth of material. I have started to read it and have already learned a couple of things I had no idea of (and I have read all of Simons linear notes to the CD’s very carefully!) A great layout job as well, I will treasure this and am proud to have my name in the pre-order list, along with Ian Gillan, among others?! I was surprised to see my home town of Lund among the very first cities Mk II played, on the 6th of September 1969. Stora (that should be ending with an A, not an E) salen is one of the rooms in the AF-borgen, just a couple of minutes walk from where I live. The Jimi Hendrix Experience also played there almost to the day two years earlier, on the 10th of September 1967. Thanks for the book, well worth the wait!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Thanks Mårten. I should explain that the Ian Gillan in the book ‘pre-order list’ is not the well known singer, but a fan with the same name!

  5. Tony B Says:

    No longer waiting for the ricochet as arrived yesterday. Just a glance at the moment but the ad for tie dyed T shirts is great – 23/6 or 25s post free!
    (It) prompted me to play along to ‘In Rock’ as well. I’m really surprised how I now understand/appreciate the creativity + musicianship instead of just noticing it. For muso’s among us there’s examples of augmented/chromatic scales, Blacker’s harmonic/hammer on techniques and economy of playing. ‘Into the Fire’ seems to have the largest chromatic run that I’ve ever heard on any bit of rock/pop music. Sorry to hijack topic of thread, but I recommend the book!

  6. IanG Says:

    Mine arrived yesterday! Thank you.

  7. Steve Allum Says:

    Well it finally arrived……..
    And well worth the wait !!
    Started reading it last night.
    Next book to digest will be A Hart Life.

  8. George Martin Says:

    I feel like I ordered this book around the time Fireball was released.

    • simon robinson Says:

      You invented the internet in 1971? Time to chase your royalties!

      • George Martin Says:

        Just going for a laugh, don’t take it the wrong way.

      • simon robinson Says:

        You should see the stuff we get over the delayed Top Of The Pops Cover Girls book! But the printers have confirmed a Ricochet shipping date next week, so we’re almost there.

  9. Paul Smith Says:

    Why not give your dates for release of things as 3 months from your first estimate and then in the unlikely event of a release on time you can suprise us all. There are to many people in the chain of these events to really have a definete correct date. Anyway, us purple fans have grown used to having to wait for things. Rapture of the Deep – Now What……….. 8 years??

    • simon robinson Says:

      The best laid plans… but it will ship during January, Ann was talking to the couriers this afternoon. I would have kicked a bit more behind in mid-December but we had a grim experience with our last book shipping over the Christmas period and getting lost in Wales, so didn’t want a repeat of that.

  10. John T Says:

    A wait well worth waiting for!

  11. jan hedelin Says:

    Who will not wait a Little bit for …Wait For The Ricochet…no problem here..

  12. Scott W Says:

    Told you so….. Been here many times before. My guesstimate will be sometime in latter February.

  13. Rob Corich Says:

    What’s all this December Holidays rubbish… What’s Going On Here!….. it’s Christmas! ….. Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!
    Next week I have to go to the US where the try to make sure it’s Happy Holidays everywhere…, It’s Christmas!

    • simon robinson Says:

      This has been a message from the Noddy Holder Appreciation Society….! Point taken, it’s just a bit hard to know what to call it for us Pagans.

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