Xmas Puzzle!

Scooby Doo Snowman Mystery album sleeve Music For PleasureAs this is the time of year for a bit of fun, here’s a brain teaser in the ‘degrees of separation’ style.  Can you link this 1973 album (which is sort of an adventure in sound, with narrative and a few songs) to Deep Purple – in just ONE degree!  I’ll let you have the answer later in the week.  And no, the figure of Shaggy is not based on photos of the “stinking hippy” (as far as we know!).  Mind you his surname was Rogers…

ANSWER – the album was produced by Barry Ainsworth, who was the engineer on the early Deep Purple albums!  Well done to Jerry B., Pat Geddes, Deb, Marcel H., Greg Tarlinton, Roy Davies, and Andy Spiller who all cottoned on right away. Either encyclopaedic knowledge of all things DP or expert use of search engines. Or (lowers voice) they all – like me – actually own a copy…


17 Responses to “Xmas Puzzle!”

  1. James Spackman Says:

    “**Unless it is a copy of the Shades LP with the baby arms.”

    I have that.

  2. Jeff Breis Says:

    Very tough puzzle. I struggled with it all week. I guess you need to own the Scooby Doo LP to be able to figure it out without cheating.
    Well, I cheated, and I know the answer.*
    If there’s a prize, I won’t claim it.**

    *SODP / BA

    **Unless it is a copy of the Shades LP with the baby arms.

  3. Gary Critcher Says:

    is it anything to do with the producer??

  4. Kevin Says:

    Merry-go-round…. Purple started as Roundabout?

  5. JMcE Says:

    http://st33.wordpress.com/sleeve-pages/christmas-sleeves/ ;-)

    Do I get a prize?! :-)

    Happy Christmas!

  6. Steve Grover Says:

    Hi Simon,
    It’s not twisted rhyming slang for Rapture of the Deep!
    Have fun,

  7. Mike Says:


  8. Max Says:

    I’ll think about it! In the meantime, please put Christ back in Christmas, that “Xmas” thing looks horrible… :)

  9. Stephen McGrath Says:

    Is it Deep Purple originally being known as Roundabout and the Merry-go-round logo on the sleeve?

  10. Max Says:

    Isn`t Merrygoround another word for Roundabout, the name of the Group before they settled on Deep Purple?

  11. Palle Hichmann Says:

    Merrygoround – Roundabout

  12. Paul Littlechild Says:

    Ritchie covered the tune from the Snowman and it was a mystery why he did it.

  13. Keith Livingstone Says:

    ‘Merry go round’ mentioned in the song Deep Purple?

  14. Konrad Stief Says:

    I know! :P

  15. formbypc Says:

    It’s on MFP, an EMI company, as was Purple Records…?

  16. Tom Dixon Says:

    Without giving the game away, could it be first incarnation & an equine amusement?!

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