Karaoke Purple

I’ve not really kept up with these or the reason why, but Purple’s label keep pushing instrumental versions of album tracks out. Hell To Pay is still available to listen to on the Edel label’s website FOC, while they have also more recently released Aprez Vous in this fashion up on iTunes. Not a downloader (if it’s worth releasing it’s worth pressing!) I’ve only just caught up with this. It’s actually really interesting to listen to these as you get a bit more of an idea what’s going on in the studio, and it does make you wish they had perhaps looked at extending the album cuts a bit more using these mixes (for true prog status). Apres Vous has all the hallmarks of an extendable showcase piece to replace Space Truckin’ on this showing (not something which occurred listening to the LP). And of course they give budding vocalists something to play with! Mind you there will be some cynics out there wondering why it wasn’t also added to the £XX box set before Christmas…

Talking of which we should of course like to wish everyone who drops by on the site all the best for the New Year; postings have been a bit slack due to catching up this week, but we’ll have a New Year round up for you next week.

Various versions of Now What are available at DTB Online Store.



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One Response to “Karaoke Purple”

  1. Michael Says:

    cynic here wondering why I spent £90 and still didn’t get this, plus the versions I had already purchased, anything to get more cash out of the punters

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