Back at the Budokan

Deep Purple have announced three shows in Japan in April, including one at the Budokan Hall in Tokyo, scene of their most famous recording Made In Japan.  Details are on the 2014 Tour Date page.


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13 Responses to “Back at the Budokan”

  1. Jack Says:

    Deep Purple recorded a Budokan show with Joe Satriani..will it be released some day? That would be awesome!!!

    • simon robinson Says:

      There were contractural problems we were told, but I don’t think they wanted to put out a live album with a different guitarist to Steve, and I can see the reasoning.

  2. Roy Davies Says:

    If they do record one of the Budokan concerts I suspect I might appreciate what Geoff Barton meant with his (infamous) comment-
    ” Do we really need another live ‘Smoke on the Water’ ?”

  3. big al Says:

    The band is playing plenty of new stuff, did no one attend any shows on the recent tour?

  4. Ian Douglas Says:

    The restrictions placed by IG do not make sense when still most of the show revolves around material done by Ritchie Blackmore eons ago! Do others not have a view? Great bands like Yes; Led Zeppelin (if you include Jason replacing on drums); Pink Floyd; the Rolling Stones have/continue to include great passages from the past irrespective of whether said singer/guitarist/witchfinder was or is in the said current lineup! So to me I am fed up with the constant repetition of the same – surely Mk 1,3 and 4 have material worthy to be heard!

  5. tim Says:

    Well I hope if they do a live album they won’t steal the title from Whitesnake’s classic “Made in Japan” Live cd, far to much of that sort of thing going on.

  6. Rob Says:

    Maybe they can do a centre piece of Come Taste The Band in its entirety live at the Budokan. Just for fun. Fun!!!
    Ok, not much chance of that I guess but Ive always wondered what MkIV stuff would sound like with the modern Purps, or Who Do We Think We Are live in its entirety.Maybe they slagged the album way back when but its an excellent listen today, and extended version of Place In Line …. excellent!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Sadly as we know IG has ruled out doing anything he didn’t do in the studio (Hush is got around as he did cut that later). But the idea of Who Do live would be one to investigate for a special season perhaps.

      • Roy Davies Says:

        WDWTWA would be great. Am I right in assuming all the official ‘Fireball’ songs have been tried live during the Morse era?

  7. Peter Wolff Says:

    Just in time for the Made In Japan box set perfecting timing

  8. Mike Says:

    Doesn’t count

  9. Val Says:

    Surely a live recording is in order!!

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