Wait (ing is over) For The Ricochet

Deep Purple early Mk 2

The Deep Purple – Wait For The Ricochet book has now shipped. Last Friday was signing day. Stephen and Simon spent several hours slowly and carefully going through boxes of the book. Shipping out for discounted pre-ordered copies began on Saturday and has carried on ever since, with the last couple of boxes going to the post-office today. So hopefully everyone who ordered direct before publication date will have their signed copy any time, well ahead of it being available anywhere else (it may take a couple of extra days to reach some of the more distant destinations – apart from the UK the book has gone to places as far afield as America, Canada, Europe, Russia, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and China.) The book is also with the distributors so they will be getting it out to shops and other online outlets in due course.
A big thanks to everyone who pre-ordered as it helped give the project some extra assurance, and also to people who contributed in whatever way to the content. Any new orders will be dealt with next week.
I have to say Easy On The Eye books (check their site for more information and ordering details) and their printers have done a bang up job, the book looks and feels great, and visually it’s just so jammed packed with material it’s hard to know where to start. The DTB office now has the lingering smell of real litho ink (which took Simon back to his days working at a printers,) and he’s asked for the weekend off to recover having worked out that he’d shifted 200kgs of orders single-handed over the week.
Another little teaser of a competition for people; the early live shot of IG in Mk 2 above was taken at a venue in the north of England with Deep Purple as the support act. Can you tell us the link between this venue and another famous British rock band who made it famous? No prizes for this one, as the answer is actually in the book – if you look carefully…  (and if anyone can source a set of those wonderful 50s lampshades for DTB towers do get in touch.)


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13 Responses to “Wait (ing is over) For The Ricochet”

  1. Alan Taylor Says:

    Arrived yesterday, reading now. Have to say it is a beautifully produced book – the pictures add so much to the text. Congratulations. Purple, and In Rock, deserve to be documented in a publication of this quality. It would be nice if you could get permission to use the bootlegs referenced in the text and put together an accompanying audio programme showing the development of the songs….

    • simon robinson Says:

      We have had requests for radio, and will see what we can do, although it would have to be material which has been released!

  2. Per Sorensen Says:

    I am going back to the book now and listening to the BBC tracks described in the text which is full of facts and anecdotes, some old and many new ones – to me at least. Certainly interesting and enjoyable.
    Pic: Live at Leeds – The Who made it famous.

  3. Anestis Ladopoulos Says:

    The book, it’s fantastic, impressive! Bravo, great work!

  4. Deb Says:

    I ordered a copy yesterday & can’t wait to get it! I like those “atomic age” shades, too. I’ve seen shades similar to these on present-day chandeliers. They are usually metal cones that have been joined together to form an hourglass shape.

  5. Lutz Says:

    Many thanks for this wonderful book. It is really enjoyable to read. This weekend was relaxing, reading, and “In Rock” as background musik. Great Job!
    Regards, Lutz

  6. John T Says:

    Fantastic!, have been really looking forward to this book. Many thanks to Simon and Stephen for their hard work to make this labour of love a reality! I think 2014 is going to be a banner year for DP fans, everything louder than everything else.

  7. Rasmus Heide Says:

    Look forward to the book (even if Denmark wasn’t exotic enough for your geographical bragging there). Backing vocals mic for Jon still in place in the photo here. When did he give up this duty?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Geographical bragging? Not really, just quite nice to see something you work hard on going to such far flung places.

  8. Tom Dixon Says:

    Sorry Simon, no luck with the lampshades! Seriously, this post is to thank you & Stephen for a superb publication. Full of fascinating stuff; some I know, lots I didn’t. That is praise indeed from a Purple aficionado of over 40 years. If there is somewhere to nominate this for a prize (a Booker or a Plorange!) then I will be there in a flash.
    Congratulations on a job supremely well done. It was worth the wait & I must admit to getting a buzz from seeing my name in there. I will now re-read it from cover to cover.

  9. Mike Says:

    Even better than the Cal Jam book in my opinion – Fireball next? Great job. Thanks

  10. Mark B Says:

    Received mine earlier this week. A triumph, Simon. Well done. When’s the next one…?

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