Shades of vinyl

shades on deckShades Of Deep Purple will get a UK vinyl reissue later this year. It’s an album which most specialist vinyl labels have skipped over in the rush to flood the markets, and hopefully it will be sourced from the production masters we found during work on the last CD reissue back in 2000. I was thinking this would be the first vinyl pressing of the album since the Harvest Heritage cock up way back, but had forgotten that EMI did a very limited run of vinyl titles back in 1997 to mark the centenary of the company (not the band!), and Shades was one of those (albeit with a poorly copied front cover). There have also been lots of pirate vinyl editions over in North America on Passport (and other labels). More details when we have them. Personally I’ve always quite fancied seeing the US cover redone properly (here it is getting an airing on Chris Meloche’s home deck). The album is also getting another mini-sleeve Japan edition shortly (which we covered in the new year round-up below).

We had a story on how much the original vinyl is fetching not long ago: Mint copy of Shades auctioned.

DTB Shades Discography


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One Response to “Shades of vinyl”

  1. Drdp Says:

    It’s taken the better part of 30 years but I’ve ALWAYS said that there is NOTHING like Vinyl

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