Riffing USA

As predicted in our New Year round up, Glenn Hughes’ new outfit is unveiled at last – under the name California Breed.  Classic Rock have managed to get the press release up already with photos, so whizz over to their site for a few words on the band and album (be warned it’s so rammed with ads and trailers it is very slow to load). DTB Online will stock the record as soon as we have a bit more info.  Nice that GH and Bonham wanted to work together and they all seem full of optimism.

California Breed



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16 Responses to “Riffing USA”

  1. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Thanks Simon – it is very exciting and I could well imagine the glorious Bolin-style treatment of Stormbringer (Long Beach 76) could and should be applied by Cal Breed! Can’t wait for a live release, DVD etc… Well done also on the Bonnet book I shall certainly order that.

  2. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Really enjoying the album California Breed and a great addition to my Hughes collection! Not nearly so well-mannered as the BCC records, much as I enjoyed them (and classics like Cold) – but this has an immediacy and excitement that echoes past glories like Heavy Equipment on the Euclid album – an all-time favourite – and recalls Addiction era-GH, a past visitation more than worth-while!

  3. barry mitchell Says:

    forget the hair
    the albums out now!
    can’t make my mind up myself
    it aint hughes/thrall that’s for sure!

  4. cee_Bee Says:

    Yet another ridiculous look for Mr H, when will he grow up?

  5. Drdp Says:

    WOW , I got moderated.
    How about this… I don’t care about his haircut as long as he never loses that voice.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Just trying to avoid a twitter storm!

      • Drdp Says:

        Fully understand Simon. Any STORMS these days need to be avoided. I’m in the N.E. US and I know you poor souls in the UK have been getting hammered as we have this deplorable winter.
        Stay Dry!

      • simon robinson Says:

        We’ve had it quite soft where we are, and almost no snow at all, but we do feel for the poor sods who have been under water for two months now. Although as always the media have been very selective. 688 properties flooded in this neck of the woods and no national reporting. 80 flooded in Somerset and the BBC move their entire news team down there…

  6. Rob Says:

    Get over Mk III gents, our Lord has left us.
    Glenn is moving forward and it sounds great. If you’re not familiar with his solo work I recommend Soul Mover, it’s immense.

  7. geoff davies Says:

    I made a similar comment on Glenn’s facebook page, I think he got quite upset judging by his reply! I did apologise via a direct message on his twitter…

  8. Chris Clark Says:

    Ehh…I’m disappointed in the news. I was hoping GH would team up with Coverdale for a mini-Mk. III reunion, seeing as it’s the 30th anniversary of Burn.

  9. Ian Douglas Says:

    Fantastic news and all the Best for Glenn and the new Band! Just this morning I had picked a lesser-known GH solo cd to listen in the car and yet again I was taken aback how good the man is; Building the Machine (an apt title given the new project too no doubt).

  10. Roy Davies Says:

    Sack the hairdresser Glenn…….

    • simon robinson Says:

      Um, apparently this has developed into a spat on Glenn’s twitter feed, so we’ll quickly pass on. Anyway, I can hardly comment!

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