Airey Rising

Don Airey Keyed UpDon Airey has followed up his last solo album (is it really three years since All Out?), and his new one Keyed Up is due any day now.  The title can be ordered from DTB Online shop, and features one of the last sessions done by Gary Moore which Don has been wanting to use for a while. The current Deep Purple keyboard man is also doing promo, and spent time chatting on Planet Rock over the last weekend. You can catch up with this on their play it again option on the link below. Tim Summers listened in and says there were some interesting stories, while Don played the Mk 2 version of Fireball and a new solo track as well.

DTBOnline still have his previous solo albums available, A Light In The Sky, All Out and K2.


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3 Responses to “Airey Rising”

  1. thomas_303 Says:

    I recieved my copy some days ago. It is really one more great album . Love it, as all Don’s Albums. My favorite at the moment is Difficult to Cure 2013

  2. Harry Heathman III Says:

    Received my copy on the 19th from UK. Have listened to it now 6 times. Another Airey Masterpiece. We Deep Purple fans are blessed to have Don to play keys. No one else could even come close to step into Jon’s shoes but Mr. Airey. Thank You Don.
    5 Stars on “Keyed Up”

  3. Lee Says:

    Hat Trick! Third time lucky for Don, another quality album using the same ‘band’ as the last two solo outings. It is only let down by the fact that there’s a few too many re-workings of Rainbow and Colosseum II classics, rather than original material. However, the re-workings are great, especially the stuff with Gary Moore on NOT playing the Blues, thankfully. So, slightly less good than the last one but much, much better than Now What?! Buy it.

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