from £3.25 to £130.25!

Made In Japan box 2014 reissue

Yep, that’s inflation for you.  The final plans for the Made In Japan reissue have been released and add up to twenty discs spread across five different editions, the star of which is the nine vinyl disc box set. Actually the prices haven’t been announced yet (which will give us time to get used to the idea I guess) but based on the label’s recent very high dealer prices it ain’t going to be cheap. In essence it’s three shows remixed, but if you were hoping to have all the shows in sequence on CD then forget it, it’s vinyl only for that option. Anyway, we’ve done our best to make sense of all the formats and you can see more pictures and read the details on the site here.  How did we know it was £3.25 back in 1972?  Here’s the in-store poster…  I can’t even get the bus into town for that now.

Made In Japan box 2014 reissue


27 Responses to “from £3.25 to £130.25!”

  1. Allan Heron Says:

    Got the set with the three full shows on CD plus Encores CD and DVD. You have an option to download the original album in both 1972 and 2013 mixes in HD audio.
    Have tried this but only option is downloads in HD or MP3 for the three complete shows. Have queried this with the label and will let you know the outcome.
    Would rather have had the remixed original album as an additional CD or included on the DVD. Cash generating seems the game rather than giving the fans what they want in a single package.

    • Allan Heron Says:

      There’s been a new link included on the Super Deluxe Edition page (which is headlined as the full vinyl set) for those with the 4CD/1DVD/7″ version which provides the 1972 and 2013 mixes of the original album.

      Just found this myself today when I went back to check if there had been any changes to the website.

      As of yet, I’ve received no response to my query from

  2. Tito Says:

    My LPs have a song listed as Somoke on the Water. Anyone ever hear that number? And what’s with the stickers over the track names on the boxes themselves… me thinks the same Somoke. Idiots.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Indeed! Anybody dared to peel off the sticker yet? It could damage the cover laminate…

      • Tito Says:

        Not yet no. Hoping they eventually correct that. But I doubt they’ll repress anything once these are gone. Damn shame. Again, Simon, if you’d been involved we wouldn’t have these issues because, a) no KS remix, b) shows would be 2CD each in proper running order…not just on a 9LP set, c) you’d have had a trifold gate for the LPs with printed inner bags…or at least used quality poly-lined bags. I mean, I could go on. Is it the worst thing ever, no. Could it have been better, yes. But it is what it is. After all it’s Deep Purple MK II in their prime. Flaws aside these are still pretty cool sets. To give credit where credit is due, I have to say that the HD files sound fantastic. No playback or download issues…so there’s that. Compression is a bit much but the HD files add a little more air to the proceedings than the down-sampled CDs. I sent some pics over to the DPAS email. Feel free to post. Cheers. Tito

  3. Bruce D. Says:

    Worst case accident has happen:
    Kevin Shirley remixed MIJ deluxe edition.
    Bought it today, Booklet and Digipack looks great, but the sound?
    What d’ya think lads?

  4. Harry Heathman III Says:

    Made in Japan was released in 1973, not 1972.

  5. purpledaniel Says:

    Will the MIJ sales be affected by the new deluxe editions of the Led Zepp catalog just announced overlapping the first weeks after release?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Hard to know Daniel; though not hard to guess which the media will being going overboard about! Mind you my Zepp CDs are really old so….

  6. Victor Says:

    looking forward to the vinyl version

  7. Tito Says:

    I’d still like to know where the deluxe version of the first ritchie blackmore’s rainbow album is! Any idea about the skipping over this release? Shame as it was Ronnie’s favorite as I recall. Thanks, Tito

    • simon robinson Says:

      It is a shame. It was remastered a few years ago with all the rest, but no sign of an expanded version. It’s the album which would most benefit from a careful remix too.

      • Ian Douglas Says:

        Yes I love the first Rainbow album! It’s my favourite of all of them largely for sentimental reasons I guess but I loved the songs and sound. It would be nice to have expanded cuts also and perhaps some live excerpts – I am not sure as to whether this lineup was ever recorded live?

    • Stargazer Says:

      Finally, someone mentioned about Rainbow’s first album hasn’t been given the deluxe treatment yet. It is quite sad that Ronnie’s favorite album by Rainbow hasn’t been given the proper attention it has earned. The least they could do is market an expanded edition in honor of Ronnie’s favorite Rainbow album since his passing! Hopefully we will see more 1976 never released Rainbow concerts as well.

      • Roy Davies Says:

        Would be nice to see a decent remixed edition of the first Rainbow LP, though I’m not sure what ‘extras’ they could include to expand the release – maybe the original demos of Black Sheep and C16thGS, along with the John Peel interview with Ritchie and Ronnie? Other than that it’s a struggle as by late 1975 we are into the classic line up and ‘Rising’ and the context of material (live, etc.) from thereafter is tenuous.

  8. Steve Gillott Says:

    Awesome stuff – whilst I agree 9 LPs seems a little too much, for me the package is well worth the price tag. It’s clarity that’s important with regard to the vinyl pressing and by spreading the shows thin the vinyl (audio quality) will doubtless prove superb! 5.1 is a bridge too far for most, I for one can’t afford to purchase a system to listen to it anyway. High quality stereo is a far better option, as the albums were mixed with this format in mind. Uprating to 5.1 from an analogue source has it’s limitations – especially on live recordings. If you want the surround experience, get some decent headphones and turn it up to the point of pain! Let’s not forget that this is the best live album of all time and whilst we can all dream of what could be, this certainly doesn’t look like a “rush job” and will serve the legacy well.

  9. Twinkling Ray Says:

    To be honest, the absence of sequenced full show CDs doesn’t bother me because each show would need to span 2 disks anyway, so there would always be need to switch. Plus vinyl and cd come with HD digital download which is how many will listen nowadays and you can do what you want then. So glad they’re including this with the vinyl. Despite my enthusiasm for full shows being available in consistent mix, MIJ is classic as is, so interesting that no vinyl option for this in original/”remastered” format.
    On a different note, I visited Mojo Record Bar in Sydney last night. A wonderful little bar adjoined to one of the surviving record stores in the city. The moment I walked in, they started spinning Emmaretta. Recommended venue for any one visiting or who lives in the area.

  10. Clive Robey Says:

    I bought MIJ on vinyl on day 1 and didn’t play MH for ages because of the speed of the live stuff. £3.25 seemed a bargain for what we were getting. I’m buying both the CD set and the vinyl but this is as an investment.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I was chatting about the idea of our collections being a possible investment the other day with another fan, but we agreed that it’s a huge gamble to imagine that in 20 years time the band will still be attracting the same kind of interest. Yet a mint copy of the US pic sleeve for Hush just went for over $500, so clearly somebody is still keen!

  11. Tony B Says:

    I like the idea proposed by Simon on the 9LP vinyl version on the previous link. My wish product would probably go for new sleeves/inner sleeves. On inner sleeves a background to concerts and some new reflections from band members on each night or the trip (if memory/diary can serve this). Simon would design it and Roger Glover would remix (or just mix for optimum balance, clarity etc.) from original master tapes and pressed on 180g vinyl.

    As good marketing as it targets what people would really want the 2 CD edition in order and chat as suggested would also be great plus a similar sort of deal in the package booklets and background to shows and maybe a surprise extra!

  12. Demonseye666 Says:

    Bus into town eh? Ha! Yeah, I still remember taking a trip into town & picking up my copy from WH Smith. Do they still have a “Record Dept.” in-store these days!?

    • simon robinson Says:

      I don’t really know. It’s so long since I even went downstairs at the big WHSmiths in town here, and last time they’d even given up selling most DVDs (though I think they brought them back when it looked like HMV might be shutting). Strange days. I do still have a vintage WHS 7″ paper carrier bag though…

  13. overthehill Says:

    Wow..I was really counting on the 5.1 and all shows on CD or DVD..
    Why on earth are they catering more to vinyl consumers?

  14. bollokcs Says:

    I’m disappointed about the packaging and the placing of the materials, probably will skip this one.

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