Many tongues

Like everyone else I get drawn into some strange websites.  One last week offered the chance to hear the correct pronunciation of the word Lego (claiming the Danes say i very differently).  The site allows people in different countries to offer their take on words via an MP3 file, so builds up into a useful guide for learning languages.  Naturally I keyed in Deep Purple, but was disappointed to hear only English and American spoken.  So, here is the link, let’s hear the name spoken by as many different people / accents round the world as we can!  I was going to do Yorkshire (T’Deep Purple) but chickened out.


4 Responses to “Many tongues”

  1. Mike Says:

    My fave is that Jock on the Live in London intro….

    • simon robinson Says:

      Somebody else suggested trying to make an MP3 of his intro and adding it to the language site to confuse people!

  2. Twanky Says:

    Well I did it…. But I dare anyone to try that great 80’s Indie band The The!

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