Record Store Day 2014

Details are a bit patchy on all the Record Store Day releases this year, but it now looks as if the other repro Japanese 7″ Deep Purple singles originally mooted as part of the Made In Japan box set (one remains in the 5 disc box) will instead appear on Record Store Day. The Shades Of Deep Purple vinyl is also now slated for the day as well. I’m told there will be something from Rainbow’s Black Masquerade on offer too.
As we’ve said in past years, DTB are not able to stock these releases up front but may be able to get stock afterwards, so do drop us an email if interested and we will contact you. We normally sell anything at RRP rather than try and hype it up as some on ebay do!
Funnily enough we just found a couple of copies of the 2012 Record Store Day Smoke On The Water unique sleeve still sealed if anyone is still after that. Drop Ann an email.

Past Record store days on the site: 2012. Record Store day 2011


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4 Responses to “Record Store Day 2014”

  1. Mark Woodhead Says:

    Managed to get a copy of the RSD “Shades” today from Piccadilly in Manchester. It is in purple vinyl and appears to be the Mono version! Don’t know how many copies have been pressed though.

    • simon robinson Says:

      1,000 worldwide in colour vinyl. DTB Online store hope to have a few on sale by the end of this week as we snaggled a few off our local store at dealer price.

  2. SF Says:

    How much is the SOTW single?

    • simon robinson Says:

      I don’t think we can get this, but we may have a handful of the Shades LP coloured vinyl next week.

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